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baswa vasati yojana

Date: 19 May, 2022

Author: George Alex

The Ambedkar Vasati Yojana has been launched by the state government of Karnataka with the objective of providing cheap houses to all the people without a pucca home in the state of Karnataka.  It is important that the applicants of the scheme should be aware of the procedure and the application process in detail to ensure that they are included in the program. Through the Ambedkar Vasati scheme, the economically weak section of the society who are not able to afford to build a house, are provided construction material in order to build a pucca house. The yojana is managed by the Rajiv Gandhi Housing Corporation Limited (RGHCL) which was created by the state government of Karnataka in 2000. Read on to find out more about Ambedkar Vasati Yojana. 

Who are the Ambedkar Vasati Scheme beneficiaries and  what is the eligibility criteria?

The beneficiaries of the Ambedkar Vasati Yojana housing scheme are all the residents who are living below the poverty line. The beneficiaries of this scheme have to be permanent residents of the state of Karnataka and no people from other states are allowed to apply for the Vasati Yojana. The beneficiaries of the Ambedkar Vasati Yojana housing scheme are people below the poverty line, who cannot afford to construct their own houses. 

The state government of Karnataka has given certain eligibility criteria, for everyone who wants to apply under the Ambedkar Vasati Yojana scheme in Karnataka:

• The applicants have to be permanent residents of Karnataka.

• The household income of the applicant should not be more than Rs 32,000 in a year.

• The applicant or any family member should not be the owner of a pucca house anywhere in the state or country.

• The applicant must have a kutcha house or land where the construction can take place.

• The applicant should not be part of any scheme which is launched by state or central government.

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What are the features of Basava Vasati Yojana 2022

Basava Vaszati Yojana 2022 is a Karnataka state government housing scheme for the homeless residents of the state. The Karnataka state government had set up the Rajiv Gandhi Rural Housing Corporation Limited (RGRHCL) in the year 2002 for the construction of houses for the people belonging to the economically weaker section of the society. They can build their houses at inexpensive prices. 

Let us look at the main benefits of applying for the Ambedkar Vasati yojana

What are the essential documents to be submitted to apply for the Ambedkar Vasati Yojana? 

The important documents that have to be submitted by the applicants are the following –

How to apply online for the Ambedkar Vasati Yojana?

How to check the Ambedkar Vasati Yojana Beneficiary Status

The people of Karnataka state can check the New List & RGRHCL beneficiary status on the official website of the Ambedkar Vasati Yojana.

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The Karnataka state government has created the Ambedkar Vasati Yojana scheme for providing basic housing for the economically weak sections of the society at affordable prices. It is one of the many housing schemes that have been launched by the state and central government to help the lower-income groups of the society and help them have a house of their own. 

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