All You Need To Know About Chewy Gift Cards

Date: 20 Jul, 2022

Author: lakne0349

Holidays, special events, and birthdays are all excellent occasions for Chewy eGift Cards. A chewy gift card is the perfect way to congratulate a friend who has adopted a pet. Additionally, eGift Cards can be used by animal shelters to purchase the essentials. Give Chewy to the animal lovers in your life as a present!

E-gift Card Information:

 You accept our Chewy Gift Card Terms & Conditions by purchasing an eGift Card.  After you place your order, eGift Cards are emailed to the recipients within an hour. eGift Cards have no hidden costs or expiration dates. One chewy gift card may be redeemed per order.

Except as required by law, eGift Cards cannot be exchanged for cash, refunded, or returned. Chewy Gift Cards, discounts, or promotional offers cannot be used to buy eGift Cards. To make purchases on the Chewy website and mobile apps, use eGift Cards. Chewy Promotions, LLC is the issuer.

Regulations For Chewy Gift Cards:

The following conditions are accepted by purchasing, accepting, or using the Chewy Gift Card: Basic Terms Chewy Promotions LLC (“CPL”), the only party liable to the Gift Card owner, is the issuer of chewy gift card. distributed by Chewy, Inc. (“Chewy”) at Chewy

Chewy Inc.’s Terms of Use, which include an arbitration agreement, are available and apply to purchases and/or use. These Chewy Gift Card Terms & Conditions are subject to modification at any moment and at CPL’s discretion.

“Chewy Gift Card,” Or “Chewy Gift Cards”:

The terms “Gift Card,” “Gift Cards,” ” chewy gift card ,” or “Chewy Gift Cards” collectively refer to plastic or physical gift cards, other stored value cards, digital gift cards (or “eGift Cards”).

Redeeming Gift Cards:

Redeemable at Chewy  for goods and services by residents of the contiguous United States. Gift Cards are not eligible for Authorship and cannot be purchased with discounts or promotional offers. Gift Cards can’t be used to purchase other gift cards or items with a similar retail value. One chewy gift card may only be used per order.

Chewy Gift Cards do not expire, with the exception of Promotional Cards, which do on the date specified on the face of the card or in the card’s image, or in the chewy gift card email, among other places.

Chewy Gift Card Are Free Of Charges:

Any chewy gift card is free of charges. Gift Cards cannot be redeemed for cash, unless specified by the law of the applicable state. Gift Cards cannot be transferred between Chewy accounts. The balance of your Gift Card must be used to make any purchases that are greater than its limit.

Purchase Restrictions On Chewy Gift Cards:

 Each Gift Card may have a maximum value of $2,000, and a single person may not purchase more than $10,000 worth of Gift Cards in a single calendar day. No transfers of unused Gift Cards are permitted.

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Any reimbursement for items you initially paid for with a Gift Card will be applied to the original Gift Card, another Gift Card, or a plastic Gift Card. Gift Card purchases are subject to the online or in-store return policies that are in effect at the time.

Chewy Gift Cards Cannot Be Reloaded:

However, chewy gift card cannot be reloaded, resold, used outside of www.chewy.com for money, or utilized by any third party in conjunction with marketing, advertising, or other promotional activities. They can only be used as gifts for friends, family, and coworkers.

Check Your Account To Check Your Gift Card Balance:

Check Your Account You can check your gift card balance in one of two ways: either by visiting your Chewy account where all gift cards linked to your Chewy Account will be listed along with their total balances, or by calling Chewy Customer Service.

Refunds Once Your Chewy Gift Card Has Been Activated:

Refunds Once your chewy gift card has been activated, you cannot cancel or return it. If you returned the qualifying product(s) or the order was otherwise canceled prior to shipment and you received a Gift Card as a result of the promotion, Chewy may cancel the promotional Gift Card or deduct the value of the promotional Gift Card you received from the amount refunded to you upon returning the item.

E-gift Card Theft Or Loss:

In case of eGift card theft or loss right away if you think your gift card has been cloned or stolen. Without a receipt, Gift Cards cannot be replaced if they are stolen or lost. A replacement Gift Card can only be used to replace the remaining balance on a lost or stolen Gift Card.

Gift cards should be protected because they have cash value. Under no circumstances will promotional cards be replaced.

Regarding The Chewy Privacy Policy:

The Chewy Privacy Policy applies to any personal information you give to Chewy, Inc. while buying or using a Gift Card. Loss Prospects When Chewy distributes a Gift Card to the recipient email address specified by the buyer, ownership and risk of loss transfer to the buyer.

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Gift Cards that are misplaced, stolen, or misdirected are not the responsibility of CPL or Chewy. It is the buyer’s duty to give the recipient a current and accurate email address.

Client Service For Chewy Gift Cards Please

Client Service for chewy gift card Please call or send an email if you need help with any element of your purchase, ownership, or use of your gift card. Please include your order number or have your email address available.

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Information On Delivery And Requirements For Gift Card Buyers

Please call or send an email if you have any questions about your order or the delivery of a Chewy you have purchased. Please use your order number or have your email address available. Gift Cards that cannot be delivered or are not received because you failed to provide a precise email address for the recipient are not the responsibility of CPL or Chewy.

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