Ayurveda: A Solution for Lifestyle Disorders

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Date: 27 Oct, 2022

Author: George Alex

In contemporary times, stress and challenges have become a part of life. And with stress being a prominent factor in life, people are exposed to several lifestyle diseases. Lifestyle diseases such as hypertension, insomnia, obesity, diabetes, heart disease, etc. have become a common problem for most people. The present lifestyle makes people vulnerable to many lifestyle diseases and they end up depending on medication for the rest of their life. However, adapting Ayurveda can be an effective way to prevent and cure these lifestyle disorders. Ayurveda has founded and developed medicines from 3000 years of experience and understanding of nature and the human body.

Ayurveda prescribes medicine after examining the body composition and the balance of the “doshas”. Ayurveda believes that almost all health issues of humans are governed by the disbalance of the “doshas” and so the medicines work towards creating a balance and harmony of the three “doshas”: Vata, Kapha, and Pitta.

How Does Ayurveda Offer Prevention and Management of Lifestyle Disorders?

Lifestyle disorders are mostly triggered by unhealthy lifestyle practices and everyday stress and tension. And so an Ayurvedic treatment for BP blood pressure or Ayurvedic Treatment for insomnia would suggest the inclusion of many lifestyle changes and adaptations along with some prescribed medicines. Ayurveda preaches that to live a healthy life, one should adopt some healthy and good food choices, quit unhealthy practices like smoking and consumption of alcohol, begin physical exercises, opt for a proper night’s sleep, etc. With these sincere changes and adaptation along with the consumption of some ayurvedic herbs and medicines, one can achieve a healthy and fit body.

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Let’s check out the healthy practices recommended by Ayurveda to prevent and manage lifestyle disorders:

Dinacharya or Ritucharya:

Ayurveda campaigns for a daily or seasonal regime that needs to be followed to lead a healthy lifestyle. When an individual practices the daily regime or opts for a seasonal regime, one can avoid the physical stress that comes with seasonal variations. Following a routine helps the body to cope with various challenges and strains and to avoid lifestyle disorders.

Ahara or the Dietary Regime:

Improper or unhealthy food practices are one of the major reasons behind lifestyle disorders. A balanced diet not only promotes growth and metabolism of the body but also helps to improve immunity and the power to deal with severe diseases. Ayurveda has a complete direction for the preparation, code, and discipline of consuming a wholesome diet.

Ayurveda recommends food based on body composition and the prominence of the “doshas”. The food suggested by Ayurveda is usually light, easily digestible, simple, and optimum in quantity. Ayurveda advocates that overeating and consumption of unhealthy diets can overburden the digestive system and the metabolic process.

Nidra or Sleep:

Nidra or sleep is an essential requirement for good health. Without a good night’s sleep, anxiety, depression, and stress get triggered. And so Ayurveda advises getting an adequate amount of sleep every day to avoid lifestyle disorders. Proper sleep makes the foundation for a healthy body and mind and so it is essential to follow a sleep routine.

Controlling the Desires:

One of the most important components of a healthy body is to curb and control one’s desires. When an individual balances all their desires, they can maintain a healthy body. The desires of consuming alcohol, smoke, eat unhealthy and spicy foods, and other physical desires lead to an unhealthy body.

In addition, self-control is also of utmost importance for a healthy body. Controlling the outburst of anger, greed, envy, shamelessness, excessive passion, stress, etc. can be fruitful in maintaining the balance of the body and leading a robust life.

Vyayama or Exercise:

Exercise provides the body with steadiness, lightness, and fortitude. It helps to increase the physical and biological strength of the body. Moderate exercise or yoga is very effective for the Ayurvedic treatment for BP blood pressure. Moreover, regular exercise helps in maintaining the balance of the “doshas” and keeps the body healthy.


Vihara is about adopting behavioural and lifestyle changes that help to regulate and channelise emotions to bring happiness and joy. Yogic practices, meditation, and controlled patterns of entertainment, dressing, and social relations are part of the vihara. Ayurveda states the ideal lifestyle ways for maintaining a healthy body. The Vihara as recommended by Ayurvedic classics recommends the practice of meditation for a calm and peaceful mind and body.

Summing Up:

To sum up, Ayurveda is an ancient science which has witnessed the practice and application of its methods and medication for thousands of years. It has come to become a time-tested and dependable alternative for several lifestyle disorders.

People across the globe trust and adopt the Ayurvedic way of life for a healthy and fit future. Modern-day health issues like hypertension, diabetes, stress, insomnia, etc. have found an effective solution with the use of Ayurvedic methods and medication. The Ayurvedic Treatment for insomnia would recommend the consumption of herbs like Ashwagandha, Brahmi, etc. and adopting some lifestyle changes for Functional results. If you are treating any lifestyle disorders, Ayurveda can be a perfect alternative for the treatment.

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