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Date: 20 May, 2022

Author: George Alex

It might be pretty challenging to track down the resource that offers the greatest free grammar checker tool. You cannot feasibly hand examine items like emails, long blog posts, social media postings, documents, and so on, and look for grammatical faults in each one at the same time if you have a significant amount of work to complete.

And if you are just beginning your business or are just starting out as a blogger, budgetary constraints will make it nearly difficult for you to employ a professional team to do something as insignificant as correcting small grammatical errors and ensuring that your text is free of errors. We have collected a list of the most recommended English grammar checkers in order to assist you in locating the finest free solutions for automating your grammar check.

Best Grammar Checker Tools:

Following the presentation of our reasons for why you should think about utilising a free grammar checker, let’s have a look at eight fantastic resources that will help you improve your English writing. Even while they are all free to use, several of the apps also have paid versions available in case you ever require access to more advanced capabilities.

1. Grammarly:

You may use Grammarly premium discount, which is one of the greatest free grammar checker software, to check not just your grammar but also your spelling, punctuation, and other types of problems.

It is possible to check up to 100,000 characters at once with this tool. All you have to do to verify the material for things like accuracy, clarity, engagement, and delivery is copy and paste the content into the editor that Grammarly provides, and it will do the checking for you. Text may be formatted in a variety of ways, including bold, italic, header tags, and other elements, using an interface that resembles that of a text editor.

If you wish to utilise it directly on your WordPress site or in your emails, you may do so by installing a free extension for the Chrome or Firefox web browser. When mistakes are found, the plugin will underline them in red and highlight them.

2. Ginger:

Ginger is the next programme on our list of the best free tools for checking grammar. Ginger is an internet service that may verify your spelling and act as a proofreading tool. The first one concentrates more on checking for correct spelling and grammar.

The contextual spelling checker determines which of several possible corrections corresponds most closely to the intended meaning of the passage being edited. Not only will your writing abilities improve, but your overall productivity will increase as well.

Ginger is available as a browser add-on, a connection with Microsoft Word and Outlook, an iOS/Android app, a Windows software, or you can use it straight from their website. It is most useful for verifying irregular verbs and adverbs, words that are difficult to understand, misspelt words, and common grammatical rules in the English language.

3. Scribens:

Scribens is a free grammar checker programme that enables you to check hundreds of mistakes in addition to grammatical, spelling, and stylistic issues without exerting any effort.

The programme asserts that it is superior to Microsoft Word in terms of its functionality and is supported by complex algorithms. You have the option to choose between using British English and American English for the vocabularies. Make a decision on whether you want to manually correct any unfamiliar proper nouns or if you want to let autocorrect handle everything for you. In addition to this, it enables you to choose the font size that will be used throughout the manuscript, which eliminates the need to repeatedly alter the setting when editing.

Overall, it does an excellent job of proofreading and manually editing blog articles; but, you cannot use it for more complex editing because it lacks capabilities such as checking for plagiarism and producing reports.

4. Writer:

One of the most well regarded online grammar checkers is called Writer, and it has received a rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars from users on websites such as SiteJabber. The copy editing solution provided by the AI-based tool is ideal for editing a wide variety of content, including emails and Google Docs.

Not only does this writing tool include clever AI algorithms for editing, but it also integrates with a broad variety of other platforms, such as HubSpot, WordPress, Twitter, Slack, and many more. This gives it a competitive advantage over other writing tools.

5. Zoho Writer:

The online version of Zoho Writer is an excellent tool for identifying and correcting typographical errors, as well as problems with syntax and style. This free solution for checking grammatical errors is loaded with a wide variety of useful features.

You will notice intelligent recommendations like as context-aware suggestions (such effect/affect), subject-verb agreement, redundancy, and pointing out punctuation issues. These intelligent suggestions are supported by machine learning. The clever writing assistant in Zoho Writer keeps track of how you use clichés, adverbs, and passive voice in your writing. Utilizing the potent word processor that is Zoho Writer, you can easily create papers and files for your company that are impeccable and professional in appearance.

6. LanguageTool:

LanguageTool is an alternative to Grammarly that you may use if you need assistance with your writing (with a little better features). LanguageTool is used to check not just spelling but also style and grammar. In addition to this, it supports many languages, including English, German, Spanish, French, and Portuguese, so you may modify text in any of these languages. There is no charge for using this grammar checker tool for up to 10,000 characters in a single document.

7. Jetpack:

One of the most widely used WordPress plugins, jetpack is well-known for its site security and speed optimization features, in addition to other strong capabilities (one of which is the Jetpack proofreading module).

If you go to Jetpack > Settings > Writing and turn on the spelling, style, and grammar check features, it will automatically indicate your errors on the WordPress editor in the following colours. All you have to do is head to Jetpack > Settings > Writing.

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