Best 10 IB Physics IA Ideas for Simple and Score High Marks

Best IB Physics Ideas

Date: 18 Oct, 2022

Author: maxalan147

IB Physics IA Ideas:

It’s difficult to choose an idea when it comes to physics IA. IB physics consists of versatile and practical. If you are looking for a simple idea that matches the standard of IB Physics IA, here this write-up can help you to find a suitable idea for your IA.

Here we have compiled some simple IB physics IA ideas that you can take inspiration from. And these ideas were organized below topic-wise. Take a look into them:

Mechanics and Energy:

IB Physics IA ideas simple and score high

Thermal Physics:

Oscillations and Waves:

Electricity and Magnetism:

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How to Choose an Idea for IB Physics IA:

So many students end up wasting so much time on deciding an idea. We know it’s a crucial part but we also need time to practice this idea and submit IA. You need to Avoid becoming fixated on coming up with absolutely novel ideas.

Approximately 25000 IB Physics students submit an IA in Physics each year. Everyone’s IA must fall within the parameters of the IB Physics curriculum. Therefore, it is very hard to obtain a project that has not already been undertaken.

If you choose to complete an IA that has already been completed, you will not lose marks; but, if you choose to copy one, you will! The trick is to choose a topic or subject you are interested in. And choose your idea according to the resources you have. The way you build your method and analysis will show the examiner how seriously you have taken the project.

Consider the Following Inquiries for Yourself:

Has any subject in recent physics lessons piqued my interest?

Do I have any noteworthy passions or hobbies?

Have I viewed any YouTube videos or TV shows that piqued my interest?

Select a Variable That Is Simple to Change (Independent Variable):

Need a focused research issue if you want to do      well on your physics IA. The format for this will be as follows:

The Impact of Variable X on Variable Y.

Select a Simple Measurable Variable (Dependent Variable):

The dependent variable that alters AS A RESULT OF VARIABLE X CHANGING is variable Y. Your dependent variable, Variable Y, ought to be simple to measure.

Put your Research Question in Writing:

What effects does (your variable X) have on (your variable Y)?

It is that easy!

Make sure your research question makes sense before you write it down.

Only Concentrate on One Variable X:

If you select a question with clear objectives, your inquiry will be excellent. A lab report shouldn’t combine two or three related studies.

Focus on the Topics of Related Physics:

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