Top 15 Best New Books That You Should Read In Winter 2022

Date: 13 Sep, 2022

Author: Emma Jane

Books are a huge treasure of human knowledge, which contain interesting lessons and knowledge. If you’re looking for a good book to read, here are the 15 best new books to read in 2022. Each book will teach you something, they are beautiful. If you haven’t read it yet, you should make it your reading list for 2022.

Continuation of Austin Kleon:

In Keep Going, Austin teaches us how to keep moving even when things are tough. He talks about habits and how you can tweak them and save precious time. He even points out the creative path you should take for your next project regardless of success or failure.

So, if you want to start your 2022 efficiently and productively, you should read this. Buy yourself this useful book this Halloween, Christmas, and New Year. Or you can also buy this book to give to your loved ones and remember to use smart discount codes and coupons for Knetbooks on Findcouponhere.net when buying to enjoy the discount.

Choose Yourself: Happiness, Make Millions of Dollars, Live James Altucher’s Dream:

In this book, Altucher teaches how to work even in the face of conflict and how you have the power to change your destiny. He says you can do whatever you want but you just have to keep working even when the world is pushing you down. He teaches us to build a solid foundation for our dreams with – physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual health.

You Are a Badass – Jen Sincero:

In this book, Jen teaches us to love ourselves and stop caring what other people think. It even teaches you to figure out what you want out of life and focus on the things that will make you happy. It contains funny stories and valuable lessons that will help people change their lives.

Big Magic: Elizabeth Gilbert’s Creativity Lives Beyond Fear:

In this book, Elizabeth Gilbert will teach you to fight fear. Whenever you start something new, you fear the consequences and stop doing it, but she will teach you to create a healthy relationship with your fear and draw clear boundaries. In short, she will teach you how to be creative despite your fears and how you can move forward freely.

After reading, you will no longer be that person. You will be inspired, and you will begin to live your life to the fullest even after taking the risky steps.

Find Your Factor by Ken Robinson:

In this book, Robinson teaches you to find yourself in two states – introversion and extroversion. In the introverted state, you will discover what lies within you, and in the extroverted state, you will begin to discover the opportunities around you. It’s mainly about three things – creativity, uncertainty, and the immense possibilities of children.

If you are someone who is still finding a way to your passion and calling in life, then you should read this.

Blink by Malcolm Gladwell:

As you read this book, Gladwell will teach you to start listening and not overthinking. He tells us most of our decisions are based on our emotions and what would happen if we made quick decisions based on our intuition. 

It contains many stories and tips that you will not easily forget.

High Performance Habit by Brendon Burchard:

In this book, Brendon teaches you to enhance your performance in all areas of your life by offering helpful advice. It describes the art and science of starting to practice those habits. He tells how those habits will help you achieve your dreams and how you can adapt to them.

This is the kind of book that helps you learn many valuable lessons to apply in your daily life.

Hearts – Edmondo De Amicis:

This book has the English title “Heart” by the famous Italian writer – Edmondo De Amicis. I know this literary book through stories quoted in elementary school textbooks – small lessons but extremely meaningful. This prompted me (as an adult) to choose to find and read it completely one more time, clearly feeling what the author Edmondo De Amicis wanted to send to readers.

Sapiens by Yuval Noah Harari:

This book describes the wonderful history of mankind. As it describes species from ancient ancestors to the present world. He talks about every step our humanity has gone through – different languages, money, science, and all the technological advancements in the world today.

I like to read about the revolution of mankind. Even if you are someone who wants to know about humanity, you should read it.

The Power of Habit – Charles Duhigg:

In this book, Charles teaches how important habits are and how practicing them will impact your life. He even teaches how to adapt and change habits by combining scientific research and personal experience. And how you can develop your willpower.

If you’re someone struggling with any new habits you’ve started, that’s your way to adapt to willpower and grow.

The Last Lecture:

In this book, Randy describes his entire life from childhood to death battling cancer and talks about what matters. He encourages children and adults to follow their dreams, the importance of family, and to put people before things.

It’s an emotional and motivational book that will inspire you and one that should be shared with all generations.

Tuesday With Morrie by Mitch Albom:

This book will take you on a journey with many different emotions from happiness to sadness. You will cry at the end, and you will begin to reflect on your life, forgiveness, family, compassion, and mentors. He will teach you words of wisdom and make you realize what is important in life.

It is an emotional book that will give you a deeper understanding and perspective on life and death. He even makes you understand how spreading compassion and love out into the world will make you happy.

Pollyanna by Eleanor H. Porter:

This book is about an eleven-year-old orphan girl Pollyanna who looks good in everything even when others can’t see it. She comes to live with her aunt after her parents pass away and teaches a game to the townsfolk, which makes them happier even in difficult circumstances. It’s supposed to be a children’s novel, but it’s well worth reading for inspiration from a young girl who changed the way a small town was viewed.

Who Will Cry When You Die by Robin Sharma:

If you’ve read the book – The Monk Sold His Ferrari, someone must have recommended this book by Robin Sharma. This book will show you how to find meaning and purpose in life and give something to the world when you’ve lost it all. It offers a gentle reminder towards the end of life, helping us to become better people. This book will help you to improve yourself not only for your benefit but also for others.

Talk Like TED by Carmine Gallo:

In Talk Like Ted, you’ll learn how people in TED talks capture the audience’s attention with their talk. Just like when a speaker speaks, you can’t be distracted so if you want to learn the art of speaking well then you should read this book. It analyzed over 500 TED speakers and has integrated their three main qualities – novelty, emotion, and memorability. If you love TED talks and want to be a better speaker for your next presentation, you should learn from them.


Above are the 15 best new books to read in 2022. Find them and read them for meaningful lessons in life. And don’t forget to use $5 OFF On Orders Over $10 At Springer when buying books to save money. Follow up on thenewsaffair.com to update the latest and most useful articles.

By Emma Jane

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