Best Treks in Himachal Pradesh

Best Treks in Himachal Pradesh

Date: 04 Oct, 2022

Author: George Alex

Rudyard Kipling’s famous quote, “Surely the gods live here; this is no place for mortals,” was prompted by his first encounter with the Himalayas. The varied topography that Himachal Pradesh is famous for. There are snowy mountains, grasslands, and stretches of ice, as well as woods and glacial lakes. The Himachali villages that dot the cliffs are a remarkable feature of your tour. From March to September, trekkers can explore Himachal Pradesh. Himachal Pradesh offers excellent value for its trekkers. There are many trails for the adventurous that lead to other peaks, valleys, and waterfalls.

The Kheerganga Hike:

A picturesque mountain river, Kheer Ganga may be found at Kasol. It’s a short, tough hike to get to, but it’s worth it because it falls from the sky high in the mountains. Many hikers have written about the KheerGanga Trek’s stunning scenery, making it famous across the country. The entire journey won’t take more than 5 or 6 hours to complete, and that’s with a few small breaks along the way.

Days Spent Trekking: 2 at Most

Difficulty Level: Low Highest Elevation: 9,711 Feet

In the Hampta Pass:

The Hamta Village in the Pir Panjal area is where the pass got its name. Only shepherds and the occasional trekker make it up to this elevation of 14,000 feet. Hampta Pass trek walk is one of the most challenging treks in Himachal Pradesh due to its extreme terrain, which includes glaciers, rivulets, jagged rocks, and meadows. You will need the trekking map of Himachal Pradesh to embark on this journey.

Time Spent Trekking: 5 Days

Highest elevation possible is 4,200 metres (13,500 feet).

Range of Ease: Moderate to High

The Hike to Malana Village:

Malana village trek is a 4-kilometre long trail that begins in the Himalayan village of Jari and ends in one of India’s oldest settlements. One of the best ways to experience the mountains is by walking along one of the many meandering trails that go deep into the terrain. Visitors to Kasol shouldn’t miss the exciting trek from Kasol to Malana. Your thoughts will be refreshed by the foggy mornings and the fresh mountain air. One of the best ways to spend a weekend in Himachal Pradesh.

Time Spent Trekking: 6 Days

Ten Thousand Feet Is The Highest Possible Elevation, Generally speaking, It’s Not That Hard

Travelling the Beas and Kunda Rivers:

Beas Kund, which can be found in the Himalayas’ Dhauladhar Range, is an incredibly picturesque and historically significant location. Beas Kund is a small lake that is accessible after a short hike. The 15–17 km distance is doable in three days. Since it is not physically demanding, it is appropriate for people of all ages. You don’t have to be a seasoned hiker to complete this path. Camping spots dot the trail, so hikers can stop for the night and take in the sights.

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Travel Time: 2 Full Days

Difficulty Level: Low Highest Elevation of 12,139 Feet

Trekking the Chandrakhani Pass:

Views of the Deo Tibba and Pirpanjal ranges, among others, are spectacular from the Chandrakhani Pass Trek. It reaches a maximum height of 3,660 feet, and it begins at an elevation of 2,50 metres. It’s a low- to moderate-altitude walk in the Himalayan region. From Naggar, you’ll travel to Rumsu, then Ganachalani, and finally Celanti. It doesn’t get much better than this for trekking in Himachal Pradesh.

Three-day itineraries are typical for treks.

The top elevation is 12,000 feet, and it’s not too difficult to get there.

See the Temple from Here:

Famous for its many friendly monkeys, the Jakhu Shrine in Shimla is a temple dedicated to Lord Hanuman. The 108-foot-tall statue of Lord Hanuman at the temple is the focal point of worshippers’ attention. The temple is a key draw for religious tourists because of its prominent position atop Shimla’s tallest mountain (2,455 m). Visitors can spot the 108-foot Hanuman Statue in Jakhu Shrine, which is hidden among the deodar trees along the trail to the temple.

Days Spent Trekking: 1

Hardness Level: Low Highest Elevation: 8,054 Feet

Trek to Prashar Lake:

In Kullu Valley, you’ll find Prashar Lake, which is framed by the towering Dhauladhar hills. When you reach the top of these Himalayan peaks, you’ll have a panoramic view of the Dhauladhar, Pir Panjal, and Kinnaur ranges. The villages of Baggi and Jwalapur both provide access to the path that leads to Prashar Lake. While the journey to Jwalapur is quite easy, the one through Baggi village is more challenging. From Delhi, you can embark on a snowy adventure.

Days Spent Trekking: 2 at Most

The highest point can be reached at 8,960 feet.

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