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foldable mosquito net

Date: 23 Aug, 2022

Author: George Alex

Mosquitoes are the most annoying insects whose buzzing sound can hamper anyone’s sleep. Diseases like malaria and others are caused by these mosquitoes, which are deadly and contagious. That is why they are called dangerous due to their disease-causing tendency. 

However, people use various mosquito repellants, but they are not a healthy alternative. The fumes from mosquito repellents are dangerous and can cause irritability and respiratory problems in the long run. So, a mosquito net can protect you from such insects. These nets also save from mites, ants, and spiders. 

You can choose a foldable mosquito net for a double bed to provide protection and calm sleep. It will help to keep certain things in mind before purchasing a good one.

Check the Holes in the Net:

The holes should be proper and not very small as they can stop airflow. And not very big too as it will make the mosquitoes enter the net. Thus, the air should pass sufficiently not to let feel suffocated and also stop the insects from entering. 

A white mosquito net is good as it will allow you to see the insects in the background. Also, 285 holes per square inch are the rough estimate of the holes that makes the net breathable and protective. 

Select the Style:

Mostly you can purchase rectangular nets because of the wider area. The chances of you touching the mosquito net are less. Infants usually move a lot; therefore, if you select some other shape, then it might cause distress to the baby. 

If the net is touched by someone who is sleeping inside, then it can access the mosquito to bite. It can cause several allergies or a dangerous disease called malaria. Nowadays, people take many precautions to prevent this disease, and buying a mosquito net is one of them.

Choose a Size:

There are various sizes in the market. You can choose a size that is similar to your bed dimensions. It should be more significant than your bed as it will add flair to the mosquito net and will be less accessible to mosquitoes. The size is 200x200x145cm for king size double bed with 6’x6′ dimensions. 

Also, the mosquito net is more cost-effective than other measures because it is a one-time investment. By doing this, you can save money by buying this efficient piece, which has a longer life. 

You can also use these mosquito nets during traveling as they are foldable and easy to carry. You can put them in a suitcase and use them wherever you want. 

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Type of Material:

Although the traps available in the market are reasonable, selecting which fabric is entirely your choice. You should choose a material that gives extra life to the mosquito net. The nets are made of different fabrics: cotton, canvas, and polyester.  

The various fabrics differ in feel and texture. Sometimes the material is thick, which allows less wearing off or damage. If there is a slight cut in the mosquito net, then the whole cloth can pull, and it isn’t easy to make out tiny holes in such a big net. 

Also, the torn part can allow insects to enter, which is challenging to repair. Further, you should choose a material that is thick enough to give long life but also is breathable. It is entirely your choice to select based on its airflow. 

It is also necessary to know the dimensions of the bed for proper measurement of the mosquito net so that you can know which material suits you best and how to prevent it from tearing. 

Follow Some Don’ts:

There are particular don’t that you should follow to use the mosquito net for double beds efficiently. It might cause damage to the net, and they can tear it. Don’t use it for recreational purposes like playing football; children can use the net to stop their ball.

Don’t use them for decoration by placing them on the windows or doors to give a light effect. You can only use it to protect from deadly diseases like all vector-borne diseases. 

Determine Different Variety:

It is essential to check the varieties of mosquito nets because there are wide varieties online. Pick the one that is convenient to use, whether inside the home or outdoors. Many fancy mosquito nets are available online, improving the aesthetics and solving the purpose. 

The traps are available in different colors and fold so that you can keep them in less space. It is an additional benefit of choosing a foldable mosquito net. 

You can take help from the reviews to select the best shape as it can guide you about the precautions you should follow. You can also decide on the form based on your requirement. 

Buy the Best Mosquito Net for a Double Bed:

The online market is flooded with cheap products claiming premium quality at lower prices. But don’t you think a good product has a specific price? Thus, invest your money wisely while choosing a durable product with the best quality material. 

Select from the wallmantra best quality collection in different colors and shapes. You can select based on further discounts and offers. 

By George Alex

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