Can Kitchens Be Stain Free?

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Date: 19 Oct, 2022

Author: riddhimalohan

Kitchens are the most important area of a house. It is where we make the food that helps to sustain us. However, there is so much happening in the kitchen at all times that it can be hard to maintain it in the shiny and stylish way that it deserves to be.

All day every day, there is some sort of mess-inducing activity ongoing in the kitchen. This ranges from chopping vegetables to organizing spices. Given the incessant nature of happenings in the kitchen, it is easy to believe that the kitchen can never be truly clean.

However, the secret here is that through the right techniques, having a clean and shiny kitchen is entirely possible. One way people choose to maintain a kitchen in tip-top condition is by adding laminates to the surfaces of their kitchen, most prone to stains and minor damages, if not all of them.

We highly recommend using Lucida Laminates, for they offer the most advantages out there. Let us observe some of them:

Heat Resistant:

The kitchen is not only the place most prone to stains, but it is also the one place with the maximum number of electrical appliances. From necessary appliances such as the stove to more rarely used appliances such as the griller, all these appliances are mostly stored in the kitchen. Therefore, having a space that is protected from such damages is of the utmost importance.

Free from Bacteria:

Lucida utilises the Virokill technology which has been tested in labs to ensure that it works on the majority of microorganisms and viruses that penetrate your safe space. Therefore, any microorganism or virus that touches its surface is killed in an instant. Therefore, you can be sure that your kitchen will remain clean and hygienic at all times, which is the main purpose of adding laminates to your surfaces in the first place.

Be Safe in Style:

Lucida offers several different colors and textures in its wide variety of laminates options. Therefore, you can get access to these benefits while making sure that the aesthetic of your kitchen is maintained at the same time. You may even choose to have a glossy kitchen laminate design. Such designs will make your kitchen look even bigger and brighter, radiating positivity. What’s more, all these options offer an equal number of benefits such that you do not have to compromise in any aspect.


Lucida is priced at an extremely affordable rate so that vamping up the appearance of your house does not come at a price that will burn a hole in your pocket. CenturyLaminates delivers the Lucida laminates sheets which are of a thickness of 1mm starting from a price of INR 1500/sheet. These prices do vary depending on the thickness, quantity and texture or style that you choose. However, all of these prices are fairly priced and quite reasonable.

Resistant to Stains:

Lucida is a very special laminate in the sense that it is completely resistant to any stains that it may encounter. Any damages caused by harmful substances that threaten to harm the surface are prevented by this form of laminates. This is how all stains are prevented and your furniture always remains in perfect quality. Be it gravy, hand prints or other dirty substances, Lucida laminates protect your kitchen from it all.

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Resistant from Heavy Impacts:

How many times have you been a victim of the consequences of passing around heavy vessels on the dinner table? The scratches hurt the soul, don’t they? This is also where laminates can help prevent the scratches and stains that may be caused.


The bottom line is that, yes, it is entirely possible to have a stain-free kitchen. However, it is not an easy feat without Lucida laminates. These laminates help prevent any unwanted stains and damages incurred because of kitchen appliances and other harmful elements. Thankfully, these are completely affordable and offer a multitude of benefits so that you are sure to be satisfied with the outcome.

By riddhimalohan

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