Cloud or On-Premises: Which is the best for your organization?

Data on the Cloud or On-Premise

Date: 01 Apr, 2022

Author: George Alex

Getting business insights and intelligence relies on the type of data warehouse you use to store and manage your data. Nevertheless, organizations are still confused about selecting the best data warehouse for their data management – on-premises or Cloud. 

Each option has its values and demerits. Organizations have their views about both the available data warehouse options. We all understand that there is no one size fits all kind of solution because every business is unique. While selecting the best data warehouse solutions, organizations need to understand both the options – on-premises and cloud data warehouse solutions.

On-Premises Data Warehouse Management:

On-premises data warehouse solutions integrate services and solutions on your local network that instantly requires a hefty investment in software and hardware. Additionally, organizations will require skilled professionals to assist in setting up the system and continued maintenance.  

Cloud Data Warehouse Management

Cloud data warehouse operates data storage, processing, computing, and hosting. When it comes to opting for cloud data warehouse management, it is less costly compared to on-premises data warehouse management. Most cloud service providers offer plug-and-play solutions. Moreover, here you can opt for pay as you go method for the solutions you are availing yourself.

Cloud Master data management solution providers offer data visualization tools that help get visually appealing reports and insights. Data visualization tools help companies to interpret the raw data into meaningful information. Now we understand both the available alternatives of data warehouse solutions. Let’s examine which options will be the ideal alternative for your organization.

We will analyze the options on these four parameters – implementation, control, privacy, and price. 

Businesses with cloud data warehouse management need to pay only for their services. They do not need to pay any hardware or software license maintenance charges. Moreover, the prices vary based on the requirements and usage.

Organizations who opt On-Premises cloud solutions must install their hardware and software on their local services, which requires a hefty investment. 

Data security will be the biggest concern when opting for a cloud data management solution. Some organizations have noticed some incidents regarding security risks. 

If you opt for the on-premises data warehouse environment, data security is far better than the cloud data warehouse environment. 

Companies with cloud data warehouse management have faced data control issues in cloud computing architecture. A third-party operator stores the security and data keys; thus, users may find it difficult to retrieve the data in any unexpected situation. 

The control aspect of the data, organizations using the On-Premises data warehouse solution keep all their data in their On-Premises environment. It gives them complete control over the data and outcomes. Therefore, businesses in highly regulated sectors with more privacy policies prefer to have their data On-premises instead of migrating into cloud architecture.

There are various kinds of cloud computing available on the service providers’ premises for implementation. Companies can choose and utilize the resources as per their requirements. When it comes to On-premises implementations, organizations need to invest in hardware and software licenses., They need to install everything on their premise. 

Firms are evaluating both options according to their requirements and preferences. Nonetheless, financial institutions and healthcare industry players are putting their trust in On-Premises data warehouse solutions. Though, some have started moving their data architecture to the Cloud. Cloud service providers have improved their data security and privacy issues, including data control, to improve user experience. One can follow the latest trends to find more relevant features of the best data warehouse solution.

The Cloud seems the best solution for organizations looking for a cost-effective and reliable data warehouse management solution from a technical perspective. Moreover, cloud service providers are improving their data security and privacy features to ensure the security and privacy of the data stored in their servers.

Advantages of Cloud Premises Data:

Cloud gives you more advantages than On-premises data warehouse solution – 

You do not need to pay or invest a hefty amount to build a data warehouse structure on your premise.

By George Alex

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