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Date: 31 Mar, 2022

Author: George Alex

Today, the fashion industry is a worldwide business. China as well as Bangladesh are the largest apparel producers. However, Paris, Milan, New York as well as London is among the leading four centers for fashion in the fashion industry worldwide. Seven other countries like France, Italy, Japan, United States, United Kingdom, Germany, and Belgium are now establishing their fashion-forward fame in the fashion world. In this post, I’ll look at different fashion categories that are used by fashion designers around the world. Fashion designers and manufacturers created their products in three primary kinds of styles. These categories could be divided to more particular. Fashion designers typically creating their designs by using these categories. First, every designer needs to choose a particular area of expertise for creating clothes.

Categories of Fashion:

1. Haute couture fashion:

If designers want to design to please a certain customer with a top quality product, they will choose Haute Couture fashion. In the 1950s, fashionable clothes were primarily designed and by hand on a made to measure basis, or on a high-end basis (French for high-fashion) and each piece designed for a particular customer.

2. Ready-to-wear fashion:

Fashions for ready-to-wear are the crossing between high-end fashion and mass market. It is not designed to cater to the individual needs of each clientele. Fashion designers have taken very careful consideration to the choice of the fabric, the design of the fabric, and the time of production. This is also known as pret-a-porter fashion.

3. Mass market fashion:

In the present, the fashion industry relies increasing sales on the mass market. The fashions of mass market will satisfy the variety of demands from customers. Designers are making ready-to-wear clothing in huge quantities, using typical sizes and employing the latest trends that are determined by popular brands that cater to the consumer.

To be a successful fashion designer you must be aware of the fashion categories to create the perfect dress. You will then select the fashion category and create your clothing that is related to the category to appeal to the consumer you want.

By George Alex

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