Disinfection and Cleaning in Supermarkets and Hypermarkets

supermarket cleaning

Date: 27 Sep, 2022

Author: scsgroup

Elements of Disinfection and Industrial Cleaning in Supermarkets:

We are going to focus on a specific sector talking about the elements of disinfection and industrial cleaning in supermarkets. We will see what they are and where their importance lies.

What industrial cleaning elements are used in supermarkets and hypermarkets?

We are going to see the most important aspects to consider in hygiene in supermarkets.

Cleaning Area:

Although this is not directly related to the state of the food, it is useful for the user to get an idea of ​​the resources that the company uses both so that they are comfortable and so that the staff can also clean themselves properly before, during and after your shift. For this reason, we must never neglect the aspect of services for clients, since they are still a sample of what we invest. It includes:

Pristine Crystals:

The glassware is the first thing that the user will see in your establishment. The mirrors of the infrastructure must be equally clean as they are a critical point where dirt is seen much more.


The same textile should not be used to work on different surfaces; this is essential. Have clothes in various colors to be able to work comfortably and easily, always using the same one for each area. We cannot clean a waste area with the same cloth that we are going to go over surfaces that the user is going to touch, for example.

Professional Cleaning and Disinfection:

They are different processes. Professional cleaning and disinfection must be carried out frequently so that all facilities are perfectly clean at all times. However, this is not enough. Hours must also be allocated to disinfection, to try to end this pandemic.


The mop is the quintessential tool since it removes both solid and liquid or semi-liquid and does not raise dust, an essential feature to consider in places with food.


Passing the automatic scrubber every few hours is essential so that the surfaces are extremely clean.

Why Highest Quality Tools are Important for Industrial Cleaning?

Making use of the products that we have just analyzed is especially important in this sector. This is because, despite the fact that most of the products that are for sale in these areas are very well packaged, there are others that are really vulnerable. 

supermarket cleaning

Let’s not forget that in a supermarket the bulk of products is food; Even more important is that which is not packaged, such as fresh vegetables or fruit, or fish, meat, cold cuts, and cheese on display. In addition, nowadays there are more preparations at the moment, as is the case with sushi, which is made at the moment.

Obviously, hygiene conditions must be very high in places where products are exposed that we are going to eat later, in many cases, without the option of washing them correctly.

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We are not only talking about customers who do not feel comfortable in an unclean environment, but we are putting their health at risk by offering unhealthy products if we do not clean properly. And it is that, for the user, cleanliness is a key point to selecting one or another supermarket, as is logical

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