Does Ulta Hair Salon Honestly Rank Among the Best?

ulta hair salon

Date: 24 Oct, 2022

Author: Alberto12

When I first arrived in Miami a few years ago, one of my first priorities was finding a decent hair salon at a reasonable price. Like any self-respecting millennial, I turned to the internet and eventually discovered Ulta hair salon, a massive corporate retail giant. Actually, it turns out that they operate a beauty parlors. That’s why I chose to give it a try and ulta hair salon give amazing deals on ulta black Friday.

At first, I was hesitant because I didn’t want to give the impression that I was going to a chain rather than a high-end salon when I had my hair done. Since I could only fit an appointment into my hectic schedule on a Sunday—conveniently within Ulta salon hours, but when most other salons are closed—I figured it was worth a shot.

Saving Twenty Percent on the First Consultation:

In my experience, first-time customers are eligible for a 20% discount. Tell your hairstylist that you’re new to Ulta. Moreover, Ulta hair salon suggest a friend and they end up purchasing a service, you both save $15.00. Look out for their “happy hours” on certain services to save even more money.

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Participate In Ulta’s Free Loyalty Programme: Ultimate Rewards

Ulta has a free loyalty program me called Ultamate Rewards, where customers may earn points for free merchandise and discounts on services. The procedure is as follows:

Quality Of Ulta Hair Salon:

Excellent Presentation:

I was relieved to see that they have items from respected brands like Redken and Pravana, and even sometimes Living Proof (for limited-time events and promotions). From my research, they are the same high-quality items used in the most prestigious beauty salons, some of which may charge you more than twice as much as the Ulta hair salon costs for the same service.

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Discounts at Ulta Hair Salon:

If you have your hair done at the Ulta hair salon, you usually get a tune-up every four to six weeks, which means that within a few months (depending on the service you’re having), you’ll be a Platinum or Diamond member.

Here is where you start to reap the rewards:

However, I think Ulta hair salon costs are fair (especially for my home city of Miami). It’s the most reasonably priced salon I’ve ever visited.

Benefits of Having an Ulta Credit Card, Including Discounts on Salon Services:

This is the most alluring benefit of the Ulta credit card’s numerous enticing bonuses. The Ultimate points may be used at the Ulta salon just like any other rewards you may have.

The majority of general-use credit cards do not include salon services in their bonus categories. Spending a significant amount of money on salon treatments, together with frequent purchases of hair and beauty goods, may help you accumulate a large number of points at Ultra.

I decided to put the Ulta credit card to the test by calculating how much money I could save if I made all of my regular salon and cosmetics purchases at Ulta hair salon. Since I have my hair trimmed and colored every 6-8 weeks, I figured that this would result in an annual expense of $600 for hair care products.

In what did we succeed? In a single year, I might potentially earn over $200 in savings on goods and services, or at least 3,600 points. This is in addition to any discounts, special deals, or points earned toward the Platinum or Diamond tiers, which would bring the total return to over 12%. The yearly expense of a haircut may be eliminated if points could be used for beauty treatments.



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