Dry Clean All of your Clothes for These Five Reasons

Dry Cleaning

Date: 10 Nov, 2022

Author: londondhobi

It feels like there’s never a break from doing laundry. After all, we need to change into clean clothes every day, so there’s always laundry to be done. However, did you realize that using a washing machine to clean your clothes is bad for them? That’s right! By regularly using a washing machine, you are shortening the useful life of your garments. And how do you stay away from that? Simple. Get started on a dry cleaning binge for your closet. Not only will you get more wear out of your clothes, but you’ll also save time and effort by not having to wash, fold, and put them away after each wear.

Here are six other good reasons to make dry cleaning a regular part of your routine in addition to the time and effort savings.

To Simplify your Hectic Schedule, Consider Having your Entire Wardrobe Dry Cleaned:

About three hours per week are spent on laundry by the typical person. Just think of all the other things that could be accomplished if that time was made available. Want to put pen to paper? Start with these three hours per week. Do you want to get your kitchen in order? Allow yourself three hours this week to focus on that project.

Their free pickup and delivery service for dry cleaning will help you keep this extra time for yourself. Please send a text message to schedule a convenient time for their complimentary pick-up and delivery service. Because your wardrobe deserves some love and care as much as you do, you should dry clean all of your garments.

Did you know that when you wash clothes in the dryer or a very hot oven, the clothes shrink? If you choose to get your garments dry cleaned, you won’t have to worry about any shrinkage occurring. To dry clean is to treat with the utmost care and affection. Your clothes will last longer if you dry clean them, and the extra care you give them will keep them looking great for longer as well.

Stains are Thing of the Past After Being Dry Cleaned:

Accidental stains are inevitable. You can’t avoid getting a stain or two on your clothes no matter how cautious you are. You always seem to get a stain and then forget to treat it in time. So now that dress will always bring bad luck whenever you put it on. You’ll feel bad about putting on that ruined shirt again.

It has Been Found that Dry Washing can Alleviate Seasonal Allergy Symptoms:

Tulsa World claims that Tulsa is one of the top ten cities where spring allergies are the most severe. Many people suffer from allergies year-round due to the high pollen count and abundance of lovely oak trees in that area. When you can’t go outside to let your allergies heal, what can you do? Your household linens can be dry cleaned with items you already have. Cleaning your bedsheets, bathroom curtains, decorative pillows, and area rugs might help reduce allergy symptoms while you’re at home. The Federal Aviation Administration states, “Dry washing destroys all dust mites, and is also helpful for eradicating dust mites from dwelling in fabrics.”

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Among the Many Benefits Dry Washing Provides to the Planet is Number Five:

Waterstone has gone to great lengths to prove its dedication to protecting the environment by earning a Green Certification from the Green Cleaner Council. That being said, did you know that the typical American washing machine consumes between 30 and 45 gallons of water per load? Yes, actually. Did you know that dry cleaning makes no use of water and employs hardly any non-toxic, odorless cleaning agents? Hangers, plastic, and cardboard are all items that we recycle. If you dry clean with Waterstone, you can rest assured that you are doing your part to safeguard the environment by reducing your water and energy use. If you let us dry clean your clothes, you’ll be helping the planet.

No Matter How Big or Small your Belongings are, You May Bring them for Dry Cleaned:

Do you know if a large blanket, like a comforter, will fit in your washing machine? A comforter is the kind of large, thick material that can wreck your washing machine or dryer at home. Bedding is bulky and tends to fold and twitch when cleaned in a standard household machine, thus it’s likely that not the whole thing will get clean. Sending your large things to the dry cleaner is a foolproof way to get them thoroughly cleaned.

There are many companies that are always available to assist you in any way they can. If you have any queries or issues, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with them. Check out their other posts and pages to discover more about the dry-cleaning services that they offer. If you want to look and feel your best, you can also count on Waterstone to get you dry cleaning services as soon as possible.

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