Factors To Decide Which Floor to Buy Apartments in Zirakpur

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Date: 14 Nov, 2022

Author: jackdaniels

The excitement of buying a new apartment is unparalleled for anyone. It is one of the most cherished dreams for families. With an increase in high-rise buildings in cities, one of the tough choices that people face is which floor to choose. More and more people love to invest in high-rise apartments in Zirakpur

If you are looking for flats for sale near Chandigarh, the following tips will help in choosing the right floor:

Privacy Matters:

For any family, the need for privacy matters the most. The lower floors can be accessed easily, which makes people believe that there is lesser privacy. If you like to stay on the lower floors of a building, you must check the security arrangements in the society. If the building is located near the main road or a busy area, there can be lesser privacy as compared to the top floors. The higher floors can be quiet and peaceful.

Fire Safety:

Fire safety can be a challenge when you choose a higher floor. You should check the Occupancy certificate of the building, as the builder can get the certificate only when it has approval from the fire department. When the builder can offer an OC, it means that the building meets the safety criteria specified by the fire department. You should also check the availability of fire exits and extinguishers, especially on the higher floors.

Number of Lifts Staircase:

There should be at least two or more functional lifts in the tower. This helps if one lift breaks down. The factor is most important for families with kids and elders in the family. In case of emergency when the lifts don’t work, it becomes to use the stairs. The stairs should offer easy access and walk to the floors. 

Floor Deviation:

It has been observed that usually illegal deviations from the construction plan happen on the top floor. If you are planning to buy a flat on the top floor, confirm that the deviations are not more than the permissible limits. It is recommended to check the floor physically and then invest in the property which has all required clearances.


If you are someone who puts emphasis on the view from your flats, you must choose the higher floors. Higher floors offer the most amazing view, especially if the building is located near the sea or any other scenic area. One thing that buyers need to keep in mind is that higher floors come with the higher cost of purchase. 

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Mobile Network:

In urban cities, high-rise buildings are on the rise. The floors can go anywhere from 15 to 20 floors or above. If you are opting for a flat on a higher floor, make sure that is adequate network coverage in the apartment.

Power Consumption:

From the electricity point of view, lower floors can help in saving money on electricity bills as they tend to remain cooler as compared to higher ones. This can be an important consideration for people living in cities that have harsh and long summers. 


Living on higher floors has its own benefits. You get better access to light as well as ventilation. Lower floors might lag behind as compared to the higher floors.

These are some of the crucial factors that need to be considered when it comes to buying flats for sale near Chandigarh. The floor that you wish to live on is a personal choice. However, considering the above-mentioned points will help in making the right choice for a floor at apartments in Zirakpur. 

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