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Online Paraphrasing Tools

Date: 08 Nov, 2022

Author: Nora18

Every content writer wants to write comprehensive and concise documents. Choosing a topic is easy but writing exactly on that topic can be a daunting task. During the writing process, mistakes can occur such as grammar and sentence formation. Similarly, if a writer collects material from different sources and writes it without paraphrasing, plagiarism can occur. To deal with all these problems, interpretive tools need to be used.

If you are new to the field of writing and don’t know how to interpret it, this article may be useful to you.

Paraphrasing is a form of rephrasing a sentence without changing the original meaning. In the IELTS test, paraphrasing skill plays an important role, especially with two Output skills (Speaking and Writing). If in the Writing test, candidates need to rewrite the question and make sure the content remains the same, then Paraphrasing in the Speaking test helps prolong the time to think and organize answers, supports the development of speaking. Possessing good Paraphrasing ability helps test takers to demonstrate flexible vocabulary and diverse grammar usage, thereby scoring the Grammar Range and Accuracy test marking criteria.) and Lexical Resource (Amount of vocabulary).

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Common Problems While Paraphrasing:

According to Ms. Mia Nguyen from IELTS Fighter (8.5 IETLS and studied in the US), the common problems users face when Paraphrasing are:

Using words that are close in meaning but in the wrong context

Loose Synonyms:

This is one of the common mistakes made by candidates when choosing a word whose meaning is not similar to the word being replaced in the context and content to be expressed, resulting in lower-than-expected scores. The advice is that you need to know the meaning and context of use of the word you want to use.

Using Incorrect Grammatical Structure:

During the Paraphrasing process, candidates are easy to be careless and use incorrect grammar, causing the new sentence to change in form, but minus the points for Grammar Range and Accuracy.

Rewritten Sentence:

It is the importance to reduce the unemployment rate this year. (Wrong grammar)

Câu đúng: It is of great importance to reduce the unemployment rate this year.

Confused When Choosing Paraphrasing Method:

There are many ways to transform a sentence and keep the same content such as using synonyms, using pseudo-subject or changing from active to passive form, making work Method selection also takes time when doing the test. Therefore, you should master 2-3 methods of rewriting sentences, practice a lot to avoid spending a lot of time thinking and choosing how to use the Paraphrasing tool in the test.

Online Paraphrasing Resources:

Using online websites is one of the tools to help Paraphrasing and learn how to Be Paraphrasing effectively, quickly and for free.

AI Paraphrasing Tool – Grammica:

Grammica offers you free Paraphrasing tool and there is no limit to the number of words in sentences and paragraphs. However, the drawback is that it only returns one option. Like the Article Rewriter Tool site, users don’t need to pay anything to use the tool and the website only returns one option. However, this site will limit the number of characters per sentence transformation (10,000 characters/time).

QuillBot AI Paraphrasing Tool:

This is an effective Paraphrase page today with many useful features for English learners. Website provides two modes of rewriting sentences: Standard (Standard) and Fluency (Use advanced vocabulary) depending on the needs of the user. Besides, the synonyms in the sentence are also classified according to increasing levels to increase accuracy (The most optimal version needs to be paid) and can choose to change flexibly the English – English language, Anglo-American.

In addition, overcoming the disadvantages of online websites, Quillbot returns many different Paraphrase options for learners to choose according to their wishes, as well as evaluates the change in new sentences in terms of vocabulary and grammar. With the Premium feature, users will pay to receive the maximum change in word form, setting the mode to retain the necessary words during use. However, the limitation is that the number of characters is limited to a maximum of 400 words per use.

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