Helicopter Ride in Mumbai: Everything to Know

Helicopter Rides in Mumbai

Date: 18 Jul, 2022

Author: Gaurav Dayma


A helicopter joy rides 700 bases above the municipality of dreams is an unforgettable way to see the skylines of the municipality and girding areas. Take in the 360 ° panoramic views of the cityscape with your loved bones 

The Robinson R44, which seats three people, takes you from the start point via special routes designed to cover most of the ground in the least amount of time. Try this amazing helicopter Lift exertion for an eagle’s eye view of Mumbai rather than exploring and travelling by land and water. 

Route Druthers: 

15 Beats:

20 Beats:

30 Beats:

60 Beats:

Overview of the Mumbai Helicopter Lift:

Important Details: 

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First- Time Helicopter Riders Should Know:

Flying thousands of bases above the ground is a formerly-in-a-lifetime experience. A helicopter lift is indeed more thrilling because you get a near and farther pictorial upstanding view of various locales than you would from an Airplane window. It’s normal for a first-time rider to feel anxious and nervous. also are some pointers to help you have a safe and enjoyable lift. 

Before the Lift:

Choose a company that can give you a safe helicopter lift, analogous to Heli Services. As important as possible, request a morning schedule. flights in the morning are generally smoother and have better visibility. Pay close attention to all safety instructions given during the briefing, and no way be hysterical to ask questions. Wear full-length clothes and a light weight jacket because it can get cold in the air. To reduce light on the helicopter’s windows, wear dark vesture with no patterns. 

Wearing loose Jewelry and accessories analogous as earrings, necklaces, hats, and sunglasses, as well as open footwear analogous as sandals and flip movables, is not recommended. Carry no loose particulars in your hands, analogous as keys, pocketbooks, or cell phones, as these may be blown away while on board. 

When approaching the helicopter, stay to be attended by a crew member. Walking from the reverse of the helicopter is extremely dangerous due to the tail propellers. Approach the aircraft from the front. Simply let it go and noway try to catch it, If any of your effects fly down as you approach the helicopter. 

Throughout the Trip:

Follow the instructions, especially regarding the use of the seat belt, seat allotment, and whether or not you are permitted to move around onboard. Flash reverse that for the helicopter to fly properly and safely, its weight must be balanced, so seating is predicated on the weight of its passengers. 

Still, make sure you have a camera neck belt, If there are no doors on the helicopter and you want to take the cinema. And use a camera that has fast film or settings.

After the Lift:

Before exiting the helicopter, stay for the birdman’s signal. Exit the helicopter, in the same manner, you entered it, moving towards the front of the aircraft while remaining squinched. 

We hope that these suggestions help you have a affable first helicopter lift. HeliServices guarantees that our guests not only have a safe and accessible helicopter lift, but also the swish helicopter lift they’ve ever had!

By Gaurav Dayma

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