How can I get Invisalign Treatment to work quickly?

Invisalign Treatment

Date: 25 Nov, 2022

Author: Michael William

Obtain Online Impressions:

Find a Dentist in Aberdeen who uses an iTero 3D digital scanner if you haven’t already started treatment. Instead of generating manual impressions, this text opens a new tab to the page on iTero.

The features of your mouth are very accurately captured by digital imprints, resulting in better-fitting aligners and, consequently, more successful treatments.


Quick and painless digital impressions are available. There is no usage of putty-like, gooey substances! Prior to beginning treatment, you will be able to see a digital preview of your new smile.

Acquire attachments: These might not be necessary for your Invisalign treatment, but if they are, purchase them!

Your teeth can develop attachments, also known as buttons, which are tiny, tooth-colored objects. They allow Invisalign to tackle complicated orthodontic disorders without the use of braces.

20 to 22 hours a day should be spent wearing your aligners. Although this sounds clear, you’d be shocked at how frequently it doesn’t.

Wearing Invisalign Treatment for 20 to 22 hours a day is required for it to be effective. Your treatment will take longer if you don’t follow this since the aligners will be less effective and poorly fitted.

Only remove your aligners to eat, drink, clean your teeth, and floss. Otherwise, always wear your aligners!

Replace your aligners with fresh ones as directed. Every one to two weeks, on average, your orthodontist will advise you when to change to your new set of aligners.

To ensure that your aligners fit as they are supposed to and to keep your treatment moving forward, make sure you switch on time.


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Make an appointment with Dr. Justin Silvestre, our orthodontist and Invisalign provider. For patients of all ages, he provides free consultations and second opinions, including virtual video consultations.

By Michael William

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