How to Boost your Preparation and Pass CFA Level 1 in 18 Months

CFA Level 1 Exam

Date: 19 Oct, 2022

Author: George Alex

The CFA institute says that it takes a typical candidate an average of:

Speaking about the CFA Level 1 Exam, this is an introduction to 10 basic topics of investment analysis along with ethics. This exam helps in building a solid foundation of your financial knowledge for Levels 2 and 3.

Nowadays, CFA exams are computer-based. And the CFA Level 1 Exam is held 4 times a year in the month of February, May, August, and November.

Here we have mentioned some of the preparation tips that are sure to take your preparation to the next level. So, let’s see them.

Manage your Time Expectations:

If you are preparing for CFA exams, the one thing that you need above all else is a serious time commitment. If your target is consecutive passes in 18 months, then we recommend you a minimum of 300 study hours over a period of six months. What that implies is a minimum of 11.5 hours of study over a 7-day week.

Create a Customized CFA Study Plan:

You have your personal work/life commitments, right? So, you should always create a study plan that fits you in the best possible way. There are several online providers of digital prep courses, offering time-bounded study planners. These planners, besides tracking your study progress, also help in identifying your weaker topics, offers practice exam score benchmarks, and what stands out is that they can even predict your CFA exam score.

Save the Last 4-8 Weeks Only for Revision and Practice Exams:

Go through the study material thoroughly beforehand as that would enable you to have a proper go at the practice papers. Here, we have put down a timetable scheduled monthly, as what you should do each month to boost your preparation for the CFA Level 1 exam.

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5 Months Before the Exam Day:

You can execute a quick online search and look for a good platform that offers digital prep courses on CFA subjects and order study materials from them. Why we say this thing is that if you see the sheer volume of the study materials of the CFA Institute, you are sure to get a mental block. So, just get hold of these study materials and spend time skimming through everything just to get a feel of the materials.

3-4 Months Before Exam Day:

During this time, you just need to reread the materials in detail and try out the End of Chapter questions. You should also note down the areas where you are frequently going wrong, or something that is not clear to you yet.

2 Months Before Exam Day:

You should reserve the last 2 months for question practice and last-minute material studies on areas where you feel that you need more work on. Here, let us tell you, just as a word of caution, that most students find the CFA Level 1 Economics part to be the most difficult. Remember that this is the time when you can learn the most, as you start practicing more questions.

Last Month Before Exam Day:

This is the time to fully focus on nailing the rest of your practice exams and also rereading materials on areas where you have noted you are weak in.

Finally, Stick to your Study Plan and Routine:

Key Takeaway:

So, here was a useful study guide for you that will definitely help you to crack the CFA Level 1 Exam. Just some careful planning, and disciplined hard work, interspersed with some fun is all you need to make it out in this prestigious exam.

By George Alex

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