How to Use Instagram To Promote Your Products

Use Instagram To Promote Products

Date: 22 Nov, 2022

Author: AnneGriffinN

Do you Feel Like your Brand Belongs to Instagram? 

But do you need help thinking of a way to present your brand on the platform? Working on a humongous platform like Instagram can be overwhelming. Don’t worry; there are so many business owners who are in the same boat. And if you are one of those business owners struggling in the waters of Instagram marketing, we have something for you. 

This blog has identified five ways to use Instagram to promote your products. So stick around with us and see what we have for you.

5 Best Ways To Operate Instagram for Products Promotion:

Based on recent statistics, the platform has become more crowded, and it is no more easy to make your name on the platform. But with the right strategy, everything is possible. Have a look. 

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Create Amazing Content:

There is no shortage of places on Instagram. You can create as much content on the platform as you like. You can show everything from carousel posts to customer testimonials, and guess what? Instagram will charge you nothing for this. 

But, excessive posting can make you a spam account in the eyes of your customers. Therefore, we suggest you create a content calendar for your brand. It helps to take time out for end-moment mishaps. The best part is when you create content in advance, you make room for brainstorming and predicting upcoming trends. Besides, this also gives you enough time to interact with your customers. 

The best way to create great content is to peep into what your competitors are talking about on the platform. 

Recipe For Engaging Reels: 

While we are creating content, Instagram Reels is one of the most engaging forms of content on the platform, and thus it needs to be addressed separately. 

For your reference, Social Insider has revealed that IG Reels have an engagement rate of 1.95%, which is a green flag for any Instagram profile. Besides, IG reels are the platform’s newest feature, meaning Instagram prioritizes it above any other part. 

Reels are best when they are short and have a hook. You can also add transitions and other edits that the platform provides. We also recommend you add trending background music to your reel. Ensure that the video aligns with the audio you are providing, or else it will kill the pleasure of watching reels for the viewers. 

Create Your Hashtags:

When brands create their hashtags, it helps them to create a buzz around their product or marketing campaigns. It, in return, allows them to drive traffic to their social media platforms and add revenue to their bank accounts. 

You can create a branded hashtag and ask your customers to create content around it. It will help you generate enough user-generated content and eventually become a credible brand in the industry. When your brand is being talked about on such a significant level, this will ultimately help you tap into thousands of new potential customers. Also, branded hashtags will help you keep track of your marketing campaigns. 

Embed Instagram Feed on the Website: 

Do you know that most business owners believe that opting to embed Instagram feed on a website is a vague practice? While most of them think that an Instagram feed on a website does no good to their business, others say that the embedding process needs to be simplified to opt for. Allow us to bust these myths. 

An Instagram feed on the website has helped many business owners build social proof and convert their visitors into actual customers. Not only this, but an Instagram widget on the website has enabled many business owners to retain their visitors for a long time. And gives the scope for visitors to know more about the business and connect deeper. 

Also, the arrival of social media aggregator tools has made the entire embedding process easy as a pie. These social media aggregator tool involves low coding. You must collect the feed, copy the generated code and paste it on the website’s backend. And you are done. 

Use Influencer Marketing: 

eMarketer’s has revealed that Gen Z-ers and Millennials are the top U.S. consumers most interested in influencer-recommended products and services. And influencers have changed the buying nature of customers. 

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Currently, nearly all of the niches have influencers. It is where you can leverage the opportunity. You can choose an influencer that mirrors your brand and pitch to them for collaboration. Remember that your chosen influencer should know everything about your brand and products so that they represent your brand confidently to your target audience. 

In A Nutshell:

As a business owner, you must know that Instagram is not just a good-to-have platform. Instead, it is a place where most of your target customers hang out. Your only job is attracting them to your brand and fitting right into their needs. 

You can use the tactics mentioned above to create an unforgettable platform presence.

By AnneGriffinN

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