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Kerala PSC Exam

Date: 16 Sep, 2022

Author: Harini

Let’s first examine the Kerala Public Service Commission’s (Kerala PSC) thulasi examination. Similar to all other states, Kerala too administers the exam to choose candidates for a variety of government jobs. Discover more information about the Kerala PSC announcement below. Additionally, if you intend to take this exam, the page below will save you time by giving you information on the test.

Qualifications – Kerala PSC:

First off, the qualifying requirements for the Kerala PSC thulasi test are explained in full below.

A valid address and evidence of residence are also required when applying for the exam.


Then check through the detailed kerala psc thulasi test pattern below. The steps are as follows. One must successfully complete all three rounds.

Admit I.D. card:

The most recent Kerala PSC announcement must be known to you. Then, separate admission cards will be issued for the preliminary and main exams.

It is essential for candidates to continue to be involved and to frequently check the website. You can discover information on the admission card like –

Then, on the day of the exam, the candidate must bring identification evidence and a printed copy of their digitally created admission card to the exam centre. Without these, you won’t be permitted to access the facility.

How to Pass the KPSC Exam:

The most crucial step in preparing for the kerala psc thulasi test is proper planning. Let’s examine the seven recommendations that might aid candidates in their test preparation.

Recognize the Notification, Pattern, and Curriculum for exams:

Read the notification before beginning the curriculum since it will make all the pertinent details obvious to you and prevent you from making dumb mistakes. The most important thing to accomplish is to cover all of the material in the curriculum. Understanding test trends makes it easier to classify topics as easy or difficult. Candidates can dedicate time to particular topics, making sure they are completely conversant with each one because difficult subjects require more time and attention.

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Plan Your Days Appropriately:

Setting up a timetable requires time for every stage of exam preparation. The applicant must allocate a certain number of days to each topic in order to make the most of their time, and they will have a rough idea of when the course will be finished.

Think About Practising and Revision:

Revision is one of the key phases before to the exam. In order to ensure that they do not forget what they have already studied, candidates must set aside time for review. Additionally, candidates can jot down notes as they are being taught to aid in revision.

Spend your Time in Enjoyment:

It is a good idea to create a timetable to stick to if you are just beginning your preparation for the KPSC test. Nevertheless, keep doing the things you enjoy since they will keep you motivated.

Never Overextend:

It’s crucial to keep a consistent sleep schedule and eating schedule. It won’t help and will make you weaker physically if you interrupt them to study a little bit more. Alternately, get enough sleep so that you may wake up with renewed energy.

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