Instructions on How to Draw a Cartoon Nose Step by Step

Cartoon nose Drawing

Date: 02 Nov, 2022

Author: shaban

How to Draw a Cartoon Nose. We may not think much about it, but many minor aspects and details together make up a human face. We always see them, but the intricate texture of each face can make them challenging to draw!

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Even if you focus on individual aspects, it’s now easier to try and draw them. Even a seemingly simple facial feature like the nose can be a real challenge, but we’re here to find out just how easy drawing a cartoon nose can be!

How to Draw a Cartoon Nose:

Step 1:

When drawing tricky facial features like this, breaking them down into individual lines and shapes can make things much more manageable.

That’s precisely what we’re going to do for you in this handbook on how to draw a funny nose! These lines may glimpse easy, and while technically simple, you should still try to take them slowly and follow them closely.

To start, we draw a curved line forming the nose’s bridge and tip. This line has a specific shape, so we suggest you follow the reference image closely!

Step 2:

Continuing with this cartoon nose design, let’s extend the curved line you started in the previous step. This forms the base of the nose and extends to the beginning of the right nostril.

Also, this new line has a specific angle and shape, and the curve for the beginning of the nostril is significant to match. There’s no rush so take your time to ensure its excellent! So, it’s time for step 3 of this guide.

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Step 3:

We started with the right nostril in the previous step, but before we finish it, we will first add the outline for the left one. Because of the angle of this nostril, it looks slightly different than the right one.

Just add a rounded shape protruding from the left edge of the nose, and you have your outline! It’s that simple, and then we can proceed.

Step 4:

This cartoon nose drawing step is based on adding the outline of the other nostril. As mentioned in the previous step, this one has a different shape than the first one due to the angle. It will be larger than the first and also rounder.

As shown in the reference image, it surrounds the curvy line that extends into the nostril we drew in step 2, so placement is essential. After drawing, in the next step of the tutorial, we’ll add the final details and elements!

Step 5:

A nose wouldn’t be helpful without some nostrils, so let’s add some now! This is also an easy step to complete the final details of this how-to guide on drawing a cartoon nose.

Draw A Cartoon Nose

Add curved lines under the curved nostril lines you drew earlier to draw the nostril holes. Once those were drawn, that’s it! It can also be fun to be creative and add some personal touches.

This can include minor facial details around the nose, like freckles, but you can add more features, like the eyes or mouth!

Step 6:

You’ve made it to the last step of this guide, and now we can wrap up with some color! There are many different skin tones and colors to choose from when painting, and it’s entirely up to you. As you can see in our reference image, we didn’t just use one nose color.

Cartoon nose Drawing

Instead, we used different shades to give the nose the impression of nuance and shape. We used the lighter shades near the middle of the nose and then gradually darkened them as they receded.

You can use this technique regardless of the chosen color scheme! You can also try different remedies. We think watercolors would be perfect, but many others would be just as great! Your Cartoon Nose Drawing is Finished!

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