Know How to Get a Commercial Driving Licence in UK


Date: 18 Aug, 2022

Author: joonyk

Are you looking for a job shift in the UK or want to explore the world? Commercial driving can be a great option. You will not only be able to travel to different places, but also you will be earning for travelling. Also seeing the mountains and beaches is still a dream for some people. So why not travel and earn?

If you want to get a commercial driving licence in the UK, There is a complete procedure for it. Also, if you need to get your old licence renewed or don’t know about the rules, it is better to get all the information before you apply for the licence.

Commercial Driving Licence (CDL):

A CDL is a driver’s licence is necessary to operate heavy, large or placarded perilous material vehicles commercially including buses, trailers and trucks. In countries like the UK, USA and Germany, drivers driving commercial vehicles need to undergo a test to acquire the licence to drive these heavy vehicles.

Become a Qualified Bus Driver or HGV (Heavy goods Vehicle) Driver:

To become an HGV driver or get a commercial driving licence, you need to:

If you are driving a coach or bus for your living without the full driver CPC, it is an offence in the UK. You will have to take five tests and qualify them to make up the full driver CPC. If you are already qualified as an HGV driver before, in such cases, you don’t need to take all five tests. If you want you can retrain.

Qualify for the First Time:

If you haven’t taken the tests before and it is the first time you have applied for a commercial driving licence,

Note* You will have to get your commercial driving licence renewed every five years until you turn 65, and then you will have to get it renewed every year.

Already Taking a National Vocational Training (NVT) Course?

So if you are already taking the NVT course, you can drive as a professional commercial driver for 12 months without qualifying for the driver CPC part 2, and part 4 tests.

Are you already qualified as a bus driver or HGV driver before? Know about it

If you are a qualified bus driver or have heavy goods vehicle licence, you can return without giving any of the four tests of driver CPC.

All you have to do is

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If the Vehicle is Exempt or Commercial Driving is not the Main Part of What you are Hired for…

In such a case, you might not need a complete driver CPC or a commercial driving licence to drive a bus or Heavy goods vehicle. For instance you:

Also, you won’t need a Full driver CPC if your commercial vehicle is either

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