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Annapurna Base Tour

Date: 20 Oct, 2022

Author: reshal.banbanjara


Situated in the central Nepal of the Himalayas region, the Annapurna trek is known by the name “classic Himalayan trek”. Thanks to the outstanding view of mountains, ever-changing landscapes and the hospitality that will make your trekking experience captivating.

With the giant peaks mountain, the Annapurna trek is 8097 m high along with you can have a glance at lamjung, Dhaulagiri 8167 m, Manaslu, and machhapucchre 6993 m, etc. 

The duration to complete the trek is about 15-20 days but may differ to 18-21 days depending on the route of commencement and end. 

The length of the trek is about 160-230 km if the selected route is by motor transportation.

About the Trek:

Known to be one of the highest treks in India, the Annapurna trek provides a view of diverse landscapes with diverse climate conditions.

This diverse landscape also brings a diverse culture with Hindus in the lowlands and mostly Buddhists at high altitudes. The cliffs freezing alpines, and the waterfall in subtropical forests add a charm to the beauty of the Annapurna trek. 

The Length of the Annapurna Trek:

It is 10-15 days for a shorter version that goes from chame to Jomsom and 18-21 days depending on your journey.

To have the best experience of the trails, some of the best routes are,

With the end at Kal Gandaki gorge along the route of Besisahar bhulbhule of marsyangdi river valley, the magnanimous trek reaches the highest point at thorung la pass. 

The end of September should be considered the best time to visit the Annapurna trek with clear skies and freshness.

However, the monsoons are mostly filled with heavy floods and landslides, June-September months should be avoided for the Annapurna circuit trek.

Nearby Places:

Some of the best places to visit near the trails that follow the terraced rice paddies, rhododendron forests, and cultural helmets backing up the astounding Annapurna trek include,

Homestay Route:

The wholesome in every aspect, this route is heaven in itself with the pleasant experience of the village. The evening walk in that pleasant weather is always a lifetime memory. The people of this region are very agile that they will always make you cherish every minute of your visit.

After commencement from besisahar then walk to khudhi, to the beautiful village of siurung, Down to mipra, and ultimately syange. Syange is the place where the homestay route meets the trail.


This serene quiet and mystical village is the best peaceful place for you to spend time in. BARKHA, one of the most beautiful villages of the entire Nepal region is known to be wild but the quietest place in town. No doubt, kagbeni might be the most charming village but the side trip from BHARKHA is simply priceless.

Tilicho Lake: 

You can’t resist your eyes from this blue lake. One of the most fascinating side trips is tilicho lake. Being 55 kilometers away from the crow flies of the city of Pokhara, tilicho lake offers an amazing and mesmerizing scenario. 

From Manang, check the side trip to take the route to tilicho lake, at an altitude of 4919 m. Just pretty!


The end and the highest point of the Annapurna trek is Thorung-la-pass.  It is a Gateway to Mustang valley from manang. Thorung-La-Pass isn’t the highest peak of the globe but 5416 m is enough for you to gear yourself.

Snow Leopard: 

Having sight of the magical creature of swag and charisma, the snow leopard is a lifetime experience. Their thick fur patterned with rosettes and spots is perfect camouflage for their Rocky habitat. It is advised to Keep a distance from them in case they may attack while on a trek.


Not just the temple but the entire region of Muktinath temple has its charm. Muktinath temple is a lord Vishnu temple. To uplift the Hindu authority in Nepal, this Muktinath temple was built. 

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Dholamebar gompa, one of the interesting regions in Muktinath is famous for its eternal flame, it is known to be a true region of Muktinath. Dholamebar gompa is also older than Muktinath temple. These Hindu temples will also enlighten the spiritual aspect of yourself to get enlightened.


It’s a famous cultural festival in Mustang and Manang region which includes 4 days of debauchery and dare diversity. The main attraction at this fair is usually of contest, horse riding, and lots and lots of drinks. Scheduling your trek when coinciding with this fair is never a bad idea.


This neat little village of Nepal region revolves around humble and local peoples and experiencing a stay with them is mesmerizing. 

Stoned pavement and white-washed houses play a vital role in defining the charm of the village.

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