No Germs Within Your Reach with ViroKill Furniture

ViroKill Furniture

Date: 22 Nov, 2022

Author: riddhimalohan

The world is still recovering from the pandemic. It has posed a lot of threats to life and challenges to worldly things, and woods are no exception. People still fear viruses, as in some parts of the world, the corona is prevailing.

CenturyPly is one of the most popular brands of plywood that creates revolutionary products to meet the needs of its consumers. To address the fear of the people, CenturyPly has come up with a sustainable solution after tedious research and development. It has incorporated nanotechnology in all its plywood and laminates, enabling it to kill the virus that comes in contact with it. All the CenturyPly plywood and laminates are now equipped with ViroKill technology.

If you are skeptical about the certifications, benefits, and safety measures regarding the use of  Virokill technology in plywood and laminates, then here is the catch for you. Read this article to find out every detail about this technology.

What is Virokill Technology?

CenturyPly has been practicing silver nanotechnology in its products for five years, and they were already equipped with antifungal and antibacterial properties. But now the ViroKill technology has stepped up the game of the CenturyPly in the plywood industry.

All the plywood and laminates manufactured by CenturyPly and Century Laminates are designed using nanotechnology-based Self Doctoring Surface Treatment against viruses via a safety mechanism. The nanoparticles used in the treatment are antiviral, antifungal, antibacterial, and antimicrobial. This technology is named Virokill, and all Virokill products can kill 99.99% of viruses that come in contact. 

To put it simply, whenever viruses, bacteria, fungi, or microbes come in contact with products equipped with Virokill technology, the energized and highly-activated nanoparticles will kill them via contact killing method. Thus, ensuring that all your furniture made from CenturyPly plywood is safe, healthy, and hygienic.

Features of Virokill:

ViroKill Technology Lasts a Lifetime:

The effect of the Virokill technology equipped with plywood and laminates does not deplete with time unless the surface of the furniture is chemically or physically damaged. Your furniture is safe and free from all microbes, including viruses, for longer because the nanoparticles are embedded in the polymer matrix system.

ViroKill Technology is Thermostable:

The effect of Virokill technology will not get affected by a change in temperature, rise in humidity, or even when exposed to sunlight. Only structural damage can affect the Virokill properties. Also, it does not react to paint or external polishing.

Safe for Human Touch:

The furniture treated with Virokill technology can kill 99.99% of viruses. Thus it is safe to be touched by everyone, including children. All the products used are non-hazardous and non-toxic.

All Properties are Retained:

Although the products of CenturyPly are now embedded with the Virokill technology, all the other properties applicable to the products are still retained.

Virokill Certification:

All the CenturyPly products equipped with Virokill technology are tested at the Biotech Testing services laboratory. Antimicrobial Efficacy Test and Antiviral Efficacy Test of the specified virus has been done as per international standard. The results have proved that CenturyPly Plywoods and CenturyLaminates can effectively kill 99.99% of viruses. The killing process starts as soon as the virus comes in contact. However, completing the entire process may take a few minutes to hours.

Note: The Virokill technology will activate only when the virus comes in contact with the furniture’s surface. Moreover, standardized tests show this technology is effective against most viruses. But we still do not have proof that it is effective Covid-19 or not.

Wrap Up:

Health is everyone’s priority; thus, this revolutionary technology offered by CenturyPly will safeguard your loved ones from the invisible threat of viruses. Whether you are looking for plywood or want to laminate your furniture, CenturyPly’s Virokill technology is at your rescue, and it’s a valuable addition that keeps furniture virus free lifetime. Apart from this, the other benefits that CenturyPly offers are superior strength and protection from termites and borers.

By riddhimalohan

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