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Date: 20 Jul, 2022

Author: rakeshchaudry

Home Decorations:

First off, it’s not one without some decorations, so grab these decorations that are based on weed (all of them are available on Amazon)



Let’s admit it. you’ll need snacks. A lot of munchies.

What better way to celebrate than having a “Potluck” featuring musketeers? ask everyone to bring a dish or snack to share with the group in a different way.


If you are looking for fashion, go to Pinterest.

Decorations for Edibles:

If you’re planning to provide food items for your 4/20 party, you will be looking to ensure that they are distinct from the usual food items. It is not a good idea to have anyone taking pleasure in eating edibles and making them appear to be” ordinary” food items.

Rolling/ Dab/ Bong Station:

Install a bank, or a space where kids can play, do a roll-up, dab or smack the bong.

Some Things to Include:


A party is also not an event without an Pinata!


Be careful about where you put the pinata and make sure that no bone is getting in the way while you try to open it.

Print Cell:

Do some group shots or selfies in the” printing cell”. It’s fun to do , and in the process you’ll have plenty of fantastic filmland photos to cherish for 4/20. They are perfect for Instagram posts.

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There’s a surprising amount of weed-themed cards and board games on the market, and then there are a lot that could be an absolute blast to play

Art or Crafts:

You and the musketeers happen to be people who are creative, then you should consider some crafts and trades!

Add a touch of color to store jars or personalize lighters to fit your needs. If you’re looking for some help (and directions) make sure to check out my YouTube channel as well as my blog posts.


Do you and your musketeers seem somewhat competitive? You might also consider organizing some fun stone-based contests

Then are some contest ideas;

Food Pipes:

I think that fruit and vegetable food pipes are so important. Fun to build and blast out of

Can make food pipes out of;

Also, go to the aisle of the supermarket and play with your imagination.

Stoner Movie Night:

Are you looking for a commodity that is less energetic and more relaxed? Take a moment to take a look at a classic user film (or at least two) with your children.

Some Classic User Pictures Include:

There are many and MANYand more – simply Google “Stoner Pictures” and you will discover a plethora of more videos to view.

Tapestries are well known for it’s designs as they are bright and fills your room with lots of bright colors and these tapestries comes in different sizes, colors and designs you can decorate your bedroom.

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