Perfect Mix Match Style Guide For Men’s Shirts

Perfect Mix Match Style Guide For Men’s Shirts-min

Date: 22 Jul, 2022

Author: prachibartwal7

The fashion for shirts has never ever stopped, but it went on evolving. The fashion industry still prioritizes shirts compared to other top wear.

Shirts for men can be included in both formal and casual wear. Besides, it is also available in different patterns, designs, cut, sleeve type and collar type. The manufacturers of men’s wear always focus on shirts because it generates more sales. The fashion sector has come up with different style statements with shirts for men.

Explore The Mix And Match Style Statements:

Experimenting with fashion is never going to end. In the men’s category, the dressing styles are experimented with and practised by the models. Later, the trends are followed worldwide. Today’s generation of men, especially the younger generation, is more into maintaining a fashion statement. So, whatever style is trending, they quickly start adopting it. 

Everyone loves to wear something different, unique and stylish. But when it comes to shirts, men feel that the styling ideas are limited. It’s not true, and the fact is shirts can also be the coolest men’s wear. As for the modern era, different mix match style statements are trending. Here is the guide for mix and match options for shirts for men.

Mix Match Style For Shirt And Tie:

Try Contrasting Colours:

Shirts and ties are deadly combinations for official wear. Ever tried contrasting colours? It is quite easy to pair contrasting colours. Prefer a mid-blue coloured shirt and pair it with a burgundy tie. You can wear them in a navy suit. Finish the look with brogues shoes. This is the ultimate cool boss look ever.

Varying Shades With Complementary Colours:

Complementary colours are all about varying shades. For example, a light blue shirt paired with a burnt orange tie. Yes, a tie should be darker than the shirt; you can go for a darker orange shade.

Try Experimenting:

Experimenting with fashion never goes wrong if you have great ideas. Moreover, it comes up with beautiful and amazing style statements that can become the latest trend. Try simple experiments at first, like a formal white shirt with a simple tie. You may not find anything fun with this. Therefore, switch to different colours and patterns. When you do this, you will learn which will work and which won’t.

You will discover some shirt and tie combinations for regular office wear by trying new colours and combinations.

Styling Casual Shirts With Mix Match Bottom Wear And Accessories:

Tone-On-Tone Casual Outfits:

Here comes the great version of solid colour outfits. Just consider a slight difference in the colour between the shirt and bottom. This can lead to a huge difference without contrast colours. Light blue casual shirts for men with navy blue pants. It is a classic, aesthetic look and the right example of tone-on-tone casual outfits. You can try this with different shades of grey. But ensure that the entire outfit has a warm and cool flare. Brown brogues and belts will complete the look. For extra add-ons, wear an analogue brown watch and glasses.

Neutral And Colour Mix Match Look:

When you go for neutrals, you can add colours to your style. The easiest way to add colour to casual style. If you prefer neutral regular fit jeans for men, go for grey, beige, white and black. It can be paired up with colour tops such as olive, blue, and burgundy. For colour bottom and neutral top, go for olive, burgundy and other coloured pants with white, beige and light shirts. For example, light chinos with a khaki top. Neutral and colour mix match can be styled without tucking in the shirt. Sneakers and loafers will be best.

Printed Casual Shirts With Cool Bottoms:

There are wide collections of printed shirts for men available. Men can explore and experiment with floral, animal, clipart and other prints. These printed shirts will pair up greatly with bright colours such as yellow, red, pink and orange bottoms. Just get out of blue, black and greys and try some experiments.

The bright colours will give an absolutely stunning look. You can layer your button-undone men’s printed shirt with a cool t-shirt. To finish the style, you can wear a cool watch and sneakers. A hat or cap will also fit with the outfit. Always dare to experiment with shirts because you never know which will turn out a great outfit.

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