Places That Offer Scuba Diving in Andaman: The Details

Scuba Diving in Andaman

Date: 09 Nov, 2022

Author: reshal.banbanjara


Discover amazing, exciting, and panoramic views underwater at our amazing dive centers in Havelock and Chidiyatapu. Andaman offers incredible diving courses, offering silver beaches, turquoise ocean waves, amazing corals, and amazing marine life. 

Did you know that many people still feel they need a passport to visit the Andamans? To all these people we just want to say that Andaman is very much a part of India, very accessible, and not to be missed! 

Scuba Diving:

Try Scuba diving in Andaman, we are sure you will fall in love with marine life and corals more than you expect. You can also do island hopping, snorkel, or sit on beautiful and clean beaches and enjoy delicious seafood. Andaman is your place if you like the sea and a peaceful holiday. Walking on the beach under the moon at night is one of the things not to be missed in Andaman. 

The Beaches:

Blue beaches, white sand, palm trees all around, and a peaceful atmosphere – the Andaman Islands are full of natural beauty and an ocean paradise of their own. You can plan a quiet Andaman trip with your family or surprise your spouse with a romantic plan with an Andaman honeymoon. It not only has a rich coral reef and blue ocean but also many interesting and historically important places that you must see on your Andaman trip. 

Although you can’t party hard here like in Goan, which requires loud music and bright lights, where you have a peaceful blue paradise in front of you. 

Fly to Port Blair Veer Savarkar Airport:

Board the waiting vehicles, drive to the hotel and check in. The first half of the day is free. Then at Cellular Jail followed by a light and sound show. Cellular Jail is a proud place in India’s freedom struggle. Many athletes were imprisoned here. Declared a national monument, the three-story prison built by the British in 1906 is a pilgrimage destination for freedom fighters. This gigantic building was silent witnessing the most treacherous inhuman atrocities suffered by the prisoners who were mainly freedom fighters. The day gently ends with a sound and light show in the historic Cellular Jail, giving you a vivid experience of its strong association with the freedom fighters and their struggle for independence. keep visiting to stay at this hotel/resort in port Blair.

Scuba Diving is one of the most popular water sports in the world and the Andaman Islands is no exception. Besides the peaceful beaches and delicious seafood, diving attracts a large number of visitors to the islands. 

The Underwater Coastal Areas:

It is surrounding the Andamans have one of the densest ecosystems of coral reefs and formations. 

Most of the islands are surrounded by long reefs, usually, several hundred meters wide, separated by a beach with shallow water and completed by volcanic lava mountains, which make the experience unique and difficult to find elsewhere. 

Pure living corals are home to the world’s most vibrant fish and sea creatures that jump out of the blue ocean and provide divers with beautiful scenery. 

Protected by the Andaman Administration,  corals and fish abound and often surround the diver from all directions, leaving the diver in awe and wonder. 


It is one of the best diving experiences in India during your visit to Andamans.

Andaman is indeed a diver’s paradise that attracts tourists from all over the world. If you want to know what makes Andaman ideal for divers, the answer lies in its stunning islands. With its silver beaches, exciting ocean waves, colorful corals, and beautiful marine life, Andaman offers incredible diving opportunities. We all know that Andaman is a place that is perfect for a romantic getaway as well as a family vacation. But diving activities make the place even more eventful!

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Havelock Islands:

Are you talking about diving in Andaman and not mentioning Havelock islands at all? How is that even possible?! Havelock Islands is a real paradise for divers. Are you wondering why? Because these amazing islands have several popular (and some unexplored) dive sites. Whether you are an expert or a beginner, your diving experience here will be unforgettable. 


It’s for every scuba enthusiast! The expected gentle currents, hard corals, and colorful fish make it an ideal place for both beginners and experienced divers. It is located southwest of Havelock and has a depth of 10-12 meters. 


This famous place is one of the biggest dive sites in Andaman. What is the specialty of Mayaka? Exotic night diving among hard and soft corals. Please note that night diving is only available to PADI/SSI-certified divers. 

Neil Island:

When making a list of the best diving spots in Andaman, you cannot miss the amazing Neil Island. What makes this island a favorite diving spot is its unexploited coral reefs, rich biodiversity, and seemingly incomparable peaceful charm. As soon as you get there, the beauty and silence of the white sand beaches overwhelm your senses. With a medium water flow and a safe depth, it is perfect for an unforgettable underwater adventure. Neil Island’s Rocky’s, Margarita, Junctions, and Busy Burro compete for the best diving spot in Andaman. 

North Bay Island:

A dive list in the Andamans would be incomplete without mentioning the wonderful North Bay Island. This island exudes a certain atmosphere that fills your heart with peace and excitement at the same time. Exciting, isn’t it? The island has a fascinating landscape, enchanting coral reefs, and sparkling waters. There is a reason why it is so popular with tourists. Diving at North Bay Island will introduce you to a vibrant marine world. Whether you are looking for an enjoyable family vacation or an exciting vacation, North Bay Island is the place for you.

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