Purpose of the Central Locking System in A Car?

What Is the Purpose of the Central Locking System in A Car?

Date: 27 Jun, 2022

Author: karannegi

The central locking system is an essential feature that manufacturers have been adding to cars for over a decade. Previously, this feature was present only in luxurious vehicles. However, now you can find this system in all car models, from premium SUVs to budget hatchbacks. 

New car models have power-operated car lock automotive accessories that connect to the vehicle’s alarm system. The driver can lock the car from the inside using the key fob, and it’ll lock the car’s front door. It will lock the other three doors automatically. 

Then, if you unlock the front door manually, it will also open the other doors. Similarly, you can use the unlocking button on the key fob to unlock the doors from outside. This acts as an anti-theft device for car and ensures safety. 

Here is a detailed guide on the central car locking system.

What Is a Central Locking System?

 The central car locking system is a necessary safety feature. It reduces your burden by unlocking all the doors when one of them is open. It even helps to lock the doors when you lock the door on the driver’s side. Some cars even allow you to lock or unlock the boot by pressing a button on the key fob. 

This locking feature now comes with a keyless or remote entry. You can unlock the car’s door using the key fobs without touching the door physically. You’ll hear a sound indicating the locking or unlocking of the door when you press the key fob’s buttons. 

With the advancement in technology, this locking system comes with more modifications. For instance, most luxury automobiles’ central lock feature unlocks its door when it senses the proximity of the key fob.

This innovative feature saves you time searching for the keys in your pockets. This is especially helpful when your hands are full. Moreover, the enhanced locking system automatically locks the car doors when your car is moving at a particular speed. Also, it unlocks the doors during an accident automatically. 

Is Central Car Locking and Keyless Entry the Same?

The keyless entry and central locking system are not the same. The main difference lies in its operation. The central car lock feature locks all the doors simultaneously. When the driver locks or unlocks his door, the other doors lock or unlock simultaneously. 

On the contrary, the keyless entry is more sophisticated in its function. Here, you don’t need the key but use a remote-control key device. It comes with buttons that let you operate the standard key’s function. A separate button is also present near the steering wheel to start the ignition. 

Advantages Of the Central Car Locking System

Here are some benefits of using the central car locking system:

Operate the Central Locking System in Car?

The car’s door has a device known as a latch. Its main job is to let go of the jaw it holds onto. It enables the door to open when you pull the handle. Additionally, a central locking electric motor is part of this device.

The actuator refers to the electric motor that manages and regulates the central locking system. The actuator is one of the most crucial components of the car’s central locking system. One of the primary causes of a central lock system not working properly is the actuator failing.

How To Get a Central Locking System?

Experts recommend getting a central locking system if your car does not already have one. You may purchase it from a reputable service centre or the car’s authorised dealer. For price information, consult the internet or contact service centres. Both five-door automobiles and vehicles with sliding doors may use the technology.

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