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Date: 03 Oct, 2022

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If you are searching for a tourist attraction that offers the healthiest climate with epic scrivener then Murcia must be your next stopover. A small city in Spain, Murcia is known for its glorious history, gusto food, captivating architecture and warm hospitality. The city is best known for its historical sights and for not being in rush at all. Everything takes time in Murcia so take a slow walk and tour the city while exploring the best of it.

If you are heading to Murcia this season then this article is a must if you desire a congenial and hassle-free tour.

Accommodation in Murcia:

First comes first, when you tour a city or a country, all you require first is to have an arrangement for your living. There are plenty of good hotels from which you can opt for the one that suits you the most, depending on your budget and needs. If you are running low at budget and want somewhere comfy and cheap then hotels like Hotel Zenit, Hotel El Churra, Hotel Churra Vistalegre, Hotel Pacoche, Hotel Cetina, Sucina, Hesperia and Hotel Venta Banos will do the job as they endeavor comfortable stay at least fares. For tourists who want to have a sprinkle of luxury while being on budget, they can choose the 4 tar or economic hotels.

The best economic hotels in Murcia include Hotel Azarbe, Hotel Nelva, NH Amistad de Murcia, Agalia Hotel and Sercotel JC1. Tourists who want to travel internationally in luxury and stay in luxury can make hotels like Lucella Apt, Piso Centro Luxury and Occidental Murcia Siete Coronas their accommodation in Murcia.

Traveling Around the City:

Traveling around the city is also an important factor while touring a foreign city. The airport of Murcia is 45 km farther from the city center so it will take almost an hour to reach the main city. Of course, a vehicle is acquired but there are a couple of options that can get you to the stun of the city.

The best and the most cut-rated way is to ride a bus that goes straight from the airport to the city. At the airport, tourists can ask about traveling in the city and stuff. The buses from the airport run 3 times a day so you may have to wait a bit. If you are in a hurry and want to avoid waiting then a taxi can also be used. Taxis are far more comfortable than riding a bus but will cost more. However, they will drop you off at your doorstep without waiting.

Scrumptious Cuisine of Murcia:

Spanish food has its own identity throughout the world and what if you are in the heart of that cuisine? Murcia offers the best food in Spain and if you are looking for some of the best restaurants and cafes while being in Murcia then we do have recommendations.

La Taberna de las Mulas is an old- fashioned restaurant but offers the most gusto food in town, elegant and simple; this restaurant is worthy to eat once there. If you prefer to have a seat outside, enjoying the weather then Madre de Dios can be visited. This restaurant has plenty of dishes to choose from along with well- trained and hospitable staff. Craving for some coffee and searching for the best café in town? Café Milano can quench your thirst and search both.

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Murcia at its Best:

Murcia is a sun- drenched city with more than 300 days of glittery sunshine. It does not mean that the weather is too hot to tour the city. Hot summers and mild winters make the best combo and tourists can enjoy the best weather in Murcia. Usually Murcia receives tourists the whole year but the city can be observed at its peak during June and August. Both the months are hot but not to the extent that it may hinder your voyage. Flight fares are usually higher during these two months so if you are planning to visit the enthralling city of Murcia then hurry to book your flight.

Some of the Perks in Murcia:

When you are in Murcia, you can come across a series of splendid and wonderful attractions. The attractions that you can put in your bucket list while touring Murcia are as follows.

The Cathedral of Murcia:

Perhaps the most iconic historical landmark of Murcia, the Cathedral of Murcia represents the magnificent history and architecture of Spain. Known as the baroque treasure of the city, the Cathedral is an amalgamation of architectural styles pertaining to 3 centuries because the cathedral took more than 300 years to come into the shape it has been in.

Monteagudo Castle:

Murcia is still strongly knitted with its history and therefore tourists have plenty of historical sights to witness and admire, Monteagudo Castle being one of them. The castle was built in the 9th century and has a glorious marble stone statue of Christ at the very top of its building. The design of the castle is remarkable and worth- praising.

Carrascoy and El Valle Regional Park:

If you are more into nature and like to be at places where you can enjoy the cold breeze with subtle surroundings then this place is for you. Carrascoy is 4 km stretched natural parkland with scenic sights including foliage trails, rosemary lanes, pine forest trees and panoramic shots for perfect pictures. To make this trip memorable, you have to hire professional Tour service providers like Bright Agents Guide.

Murcia Archeological Museum:

History can be observed at its best at the Murcia Museum. This museum represents the artifacts from the city’s Moorish and Roman heritage and even back to the Bronze and Iron ages.

Terra Natura Murcia:

The top-notched zoo of Murcia, there won’t be any cramped cages in Terra Natura. You can find a lot of endangered species such as brown bear and Iberian wolf here along with 50 species of mammals, birds and reptiles.

Floridablanca Gardens:

Floridablanca Gardens are best to be visited during summers. Surrounded by thousands of floras and greenery, under the shade of a tree, what will you want more?

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