The Trend in Streaming Platforms We’ve Seen This Year

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Date: 18 Nov, 2022

Author: Nil Ritwik

Due to the lockdown, the streaming platform rose to popularity in the last two to three years and became part of our daily life. Today, we’ll examine the prevailing trends in streaming services for the current year.

In today’s generation, almost everyone has successfully made a transition from watching broadcast TV to streaming applications. The content which is being consumed today is mostly online streaming. Streaming platforms have billion of subscribers and they will definitely rise in the long run.

What is the Next Big Trend?

Till today we have witnessed a number of trends like the huge growth of the streaming platform, everyone has their own preference while watching content, substantial growth due to the pandemic, etc. Making money off of nostalgia is the next big thing we can see right now.

Trends for streaming platforms are expanding and shifting swiftly in a variety of ways. Be it movies and series from other countries, the quality of the movies, and how they are delivered to the users.

How Makers are Making Money by Using Nostalgia?

The next big thing in streaming app is how they are making an income from nostalgia. They are using the 80s, 90s, and 2000s movies or series stories and recreating them.

When we talk about nostalgia movies or series undoubtedly Netflix comes at the top, and the majority of the remade movies or series do gain popularity.

Some of the Prime Examples of Nostalgia are:

Social Media Influence:


This practice of modern makers is nothing new. Even before streaming sites existed, the same tactic was employed. The 2021 release of Dune, a remake of the 1984 film, serves as a prime example. As not only streaming apps but even traditional media use the same tactic. With the list of remakes announced we can conclude that the trend is not going anywhere soon. We can also conclude that making money from memorable movies is the biggest trend in present.

By Nil Ritwik

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