Top 7 Driving School Tips To Survive During the Slow Months

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Date: 25 Jul, 2022

Author: Shiva L

Driving is a crucial skill that needs great training and practice. It is a valuable life skill that everyone should possess. Starting a driving school is a fantastic business opportunity created by people wanting to learn how to drive.

This procedure takes perseverance, effort, and money, just like starting a new small business. However, as soon as you get things moving, success will be all but guaranteed. Your efforts will be rewarded. Every firm has a slow period, but it must discover ways to thrive. Driving schools experience their busiest time of year during the summer when young people and their parents rush to take driving lessons.

However, the secret to long-term success is based on knowing how to thrive throughout the other nine months of the year. There are peaks and dips in the driving school industry. The summer rush is when driving schools make the majority of their overall sales. When examinations, schoolwork, and extracurricular activities don’t conflict with their time or attention, parents want their children to enroll in driving schools.

Therefore, what can a driving school owner do to increase sales during the slower and tougher months? To answer that question, here are seven driving school tips for surviving and thriving during the slow months.

Reduce Marketing Efforts in the Off-Season:

How could cutting back on your marketing help your business prosper during the slower months?

It goes without saying that it’s simple to locate new driving school clients during the busy summer months. Because more individuals would be willing to learn to drive at that time. The driving school industry is highly seasonal.

It is impossible to get clients to come in during your slower months by marketing all year long. Utilize the seasonality of your business to your advantage while promoting from March through June. By doing this, you can draw more clients to your driving school when and where they are ready to make a purchase.

You might think about lowering your marketing costs to make money during the slower months. In other words, you should spend more on marketing throughout the season. In addition to having reduced expenses in the off-season, increasing your marketing efforts in the summer will result in a larger return on investment. Finding out where your customers go for information on driving schools and understanding when they might be most receptive to particular messaging is crucial. From early spring until the end of the summer, increase your marketing efforts. Then, to save money, scale back your marketing initiatives in the off-season.

Conduct Extensive Research on the Competition:

Given the size of the market, competition is inevitable. One of the most crucial driving school tips in having a thriving business is conducting market research. You must conduct a very detailed survey because there is intense competition in the driving school sector.

You should inquire about the following:

Knowing this information can help you increase the quality of your services and set rates that will allow you to capture a larger portion of the market. Additionally, you may include extra services to better appeal to your target market. Since some driving schools might only teach manual and automatic driving.

Review your Procedures:

You must assess both your costs and your company practices in addition to your expenses. Examine every aspect of your work, including how you handle filing, email communication, password management, and team collaboration.

Examine your operations, infrastructure, and systems once a year to ensure that you are utilizing all of the resources at your disposal to enable your staff to do crucial tasks in the shortest amount of time. They will have more time to promote your business and expand your driving school as a result.

Make Use of Modern Scheduling Software:

Are you using an outdated method to make your appointment schedule? You’re missing out if you’re not using technology to save time and money. Most likely, your competitors are, which implies that they are more successful. Therefore, you require a useful digital application that will make the scheduling process simple. 

For instance, Picktime is a free online appointment scheduler for driving schools. With Picktime’s aid, you can always be one step ahead of your competitors. It serves as a one-stop destination for all businesses.

Performing a Fleet Audit:

One of the most crucial driving school tips for running a successful driving school is fleet maintenance. Therefore, following the busy summer months when vehicles have been running nearly nonstop, it is extremely essential to perform a fleet audit.

Assessing each vehicle in your fleet is the first step. 

  1. Does it require routine maintenance or a tune-up? 
  2. Does it require new tires or an alignment? 
  3. Do all operating and braking systems function correctly? 
  4. If not, you might need to decide anything crucial.

However, having a backup vehicle is always a wise choice. It is preferable to have one backup vehicle for every 5-7 vehicles in your fleet. You never know when one might malfunction or be in a collision. Older vehicles can be restored and used as backup or reserve vehicles rather than being sold or discarded.

Promote your Business Online:

In today’s world, it’s crucial for any business to be found online, where their target audience is most likely to be. Driving schools should be prominent and visible here because so many individuals use Google and social media regularly. 

Digital marketing is a powerful tool for expanding your consumer base and dominating your industry. Driving schools can use shareable content and social ads on several well-known social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Design your Business for Success:

For your business to succeed, it needs to be organized. In addition to the time you spend instructing, it will take some time to organize your business.

You have the benefit of being available on a lot of mornings during the academic year. From August until mid to late Spring, you probably won’t be teaching teens how to drive many mornings. 

During this period, you can make sure that everything is running smoothly in your business. This is the period in which you can evaluate your business performance. Conduct inspections, and implement new marketing strategies to grow your business.


If you successfully use these driving school tips, you can run a successful driving school even during the slower months. Keep in mind that there is fierce competition, so you must be at your best to survive. Develop a school that will truly help people. Then use the positive feedback you receive to attract new students and establish your brand.

All successful driving schools—whether they are one-person businesses or multimillion-dollar institutions with numerous locations—are successful because their instructors deliver top-notch driver instruction and training and because their owners are accomplished entrepreneurs. They ensure that their companies are efficiently managed and advertised.

By Shiva L

Having an experience in content writing has given me the opportunity to cover topics regarding online appointment scheduling app and booking management and, in my writings, I have focused on how such apps can help to make our professional lives simpler. Digital content marketing is my true calling. I love penning down innovative business ideas and a smile on my client’s face provides me immense gratification.

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