Top Mistakes That You Do While Growing Your Beards

Top Mistakes that you do while growing your beard

Date: 18 Aug, 2022

Author: maazkhurram

A beard is a great way to express your personality. But, it can also be a source of stress and anxiety. Especially if you’re new to the whole idea of growing one.

One of the most common mistakes people make when growing their beard is not taking care of it properly. It’s important to keep your beard clean and moisturized so that it has a healthy growth cycle. It’s also important that you trim it regularly so that it doesn’t get too bushy and out of control.

However, a number of issues could develop along the road. There are numerous typical errors that you may unintentionally make while maintaining a healthy beard, although some are unavoidable.

Here are a few mistakes that are usually made while growing a good beard.

Not Allowing Enough Time for Your Beard to Grow:

Beards typically develop around half an inch per month. However, keep in mind that not all of your beard will grow at the same rate and that your beard may grow slower or quicker depending on your genetics. At first, some regions will start to look full while others will look patchy.

Some guys give up trying at this point, believing they lack the genetics necessary to develop a full beard. In actuality, this area of your beard is merely growing more slowly than the rest. Men’s beard growth continues into their 30s. Do you still have a patchy beard in your twenties? You still haven’t reached your full beard potential, so don’t panic. No matter their age, men should give their beards a full two months to grow.

Not Using a Good Beard Oil:

A good Beard oil makes the skin more supple (eliminating that pesky itchiness). To avoid split ends and give your beard a healthy gloss, it locks in moisture. It makes hair softer. And your beard smells better. But despite all these advantages, many bearded men just forget to use it. And that could lead to a lot of issues.

With the help of a decent beard oil in Pakistan, you may prevent issues like split ends, beard itch, dandruff, wiry hair, and beard odor.

Aiming for Rapid Beard Growth:

It takes a lot of patience to grow a beard for the first time. You have no idea how quickly your beard will grow or whether it will appear patchy at first before filling in. To wait and see is the wisest course of action.

Beards typically develop around half an inch per month. Genetics undoubtedly have a significant impact. You might develop one much more quickly.) You should expect 2-3 months of growth for a full beard, according to that.

In other words, be patient before giving up and returning to clean-shaven. For around two months, anticipate growth. You’ll have a distinct understanding of how you’ll appear after doing this.

Less Control Over Your Beard:

You shouldn’t refrain from trimming your beard for two months just because you have to wait for a full beard. In fact, if you don’t trim your beard every week, it will start to seem untidy, uneven, and messy.

This is why: You don’t grow your beard all at once. Different regions develop at various rates. For instance, your mustache may not match the length of your beard.

You can better integrate the longer sections with the shorter, patchier areas by trimming the longer areas. Additionally, you’ll give your beard a length that is more uniform, which makes it look instantaneously cleaner (as if you didn’t simply forget to shave).

Succumbing to Myths Regarding Beard Growth:

There are many widespread misconceptions about beard growth. A couple of them include “growing a beard is all in the genes” and “shaving makes your beard thicker.”

These misconceptions are essentially always false. They are urban legends. And all too frequently, individuals accept these beliefs and refrain from developing a beard as a result.

Do it now, please! Beard growth should last two months. The only way to determine how one will make you look, how thick it will be, and how much maintenance it will require is to get one. In other words, wait a few months and dismiss any urban legends before you decide that you’ll always have a patchy beard.

Minimal Use of Beard Shampoo:

Many men who grow beards believe that using standard shampoo will suffice. However, there is a serious issue with that approach. Normal shampoo is made to remove grease from the scalp. That works well on oily hair, however it won’t remove makeup off the face.

Our skin will become dry from using regular shampoo, and the hair will lose too much oil. As a result, your beard will get dryer, coarser, and itchier. Use a professional beard shampoo. S-Amden’s professional anti-dandruff beard shampoo is made with natural and essential oils to moisturize your beard.

Beard Nuking with a Blow Dryer:

If you are in a hurry to go somewhere and you want to dry your beard as soon as possible, you take your blow dryer and turn it to the highest setting. That is never a wise move!

Your beard will quickly dry out due to the intense heat (faster than it would the hair on your scalp). However, you will be left with constant itching, dandruff, and split ends that come with an excessively dry beard.

To keep your beard safe, stick with a colder setting!

Avoiding Beard Brushing:

Perhaps you don’t think you need a beard brush. However, frequent brushing has several beneficial effects on your beard. It first aids in conditioning each hair to grow in the same direction. Your beard seems longer and cleaner as a result. Additionally, beard brushing makes the hair smoother and easier to manage.

A brush is a crucial grooming item, not to mention. You can use it to rub beard oil and balm into the hair or to prepare your beard for a trim.

In other words, you shouldn’t do without it. Fortunately, there isn’t much work involved. Plan to brush your beard at least once after each time you wash it (for example, 2-3 times per week.)


It takes a lot of time, patience, and effort to grow and maintain a healthy beard. You can grow a beard that looks good with the right beard kit. Although it might seem overwhelming at first, you can get there with the right approach and products. Visit S-Amden to buy all your beard grooming supplies. From grooming kits to premium beard oils, we have everything you need to keep your beard looking awesome.

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