Top Mobile App Development Tools To Build Marvellous Apps

Mobile App Development Tools

Date: 17 Aug, 2022

Author: Zubair Choudhary

App development tools play a crucial role in the Mobile App Development process. The app development demands robust tools that play a vital role in crafting cross-platform and native apps. However, you can easily create marvellous apps with excellent features and functionalities. Statista reports that the estimated revenue from mobile apps in 2023 is projected to reach $526 billion.  

App development is a one-time investment in apps that allow businesses that allow businesses to work efficiently and seamlessly. It allies your business to attain maximum returns. Moreover, while choosing the best tool for mobile app development, you must analyze the features and requirements of your application. The app development tools can also be categorized as software that eases the overall Mobile App Development process.

Native Script:

Native Script tools allow developers to create native apps that are truly native to Javascript. It also assists them in using a single code across the platform’s website and the mobile.  

Why Native Script:

Year of Release: 2014

Languages of the tool — JavaScript, TypeScript


Xamarin is a developer’s top choice for crafting high-performance apps that operate smoothly across Operating systems like Android, iOS, etc. It is an open source and free mobile app platform used by more than 1.4million developers worldwide. 

Why Xamarin?

Year of Release: 2011

Developed by: Microsoft


Ionic is a complete and open source SDK, and It is best recommended for hybrid mobile app development. It is a popular tool for cross-platform app development through one shared codebase and open web standards.   

Why Ionic?

Year of Release: 2013

Developed By: Drifty 


In 2017, Google announced Flutter, an open-source user interface software development kit. The tool aids in the creation of apps for iOS, and Android.

Why Flutter?

Year of Release: 2017

Developed by: Google

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React Native:

It is an open-source UI software framework that aids in the creation of apps for iOS and Android. It aids in creating user interfaces that are intuitive, thanks to its JavaScript library and wealth of native platform capabilities. Finally, developers can utilize this to create an app from scratch as part of their ongoing Android or iOS project.

Why React Native?

Year of Launch: 2015

Developed by: Meta (Facebook)

Alpha Anywhere:

A programme called Alpha Anywhere is suggested for developing apps with a sophisticated set of features to ensure security as much as possible. It is well-liked because it helps to provide a distinctive design to the solution.

Why Alpha Anywhere?

Final Thoughts!

We hope that the above text gives developers an insight into the best tools for mobile app development. The tools that you opt for must depend on two factors, i.e. requirements and your budget. However, there are multiple factors to consider while opting for a tool, so the developers must wisely choose a tool that perfectly fits your requirements as every tool has its own unique features.

Zubair Choudhary

By Zubair Choudhary

Zubair Chaudhary is a tech entrepreneur and the Founder & CEO of 9Yards Technology. He is a sales wizard with extensive experience in various fields spanning 17+ years. He occasionally dabbles in writing about technology and strategies for Mobile App Development.

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