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Date: 19 Oct, 2022

Author: riddhimalohan

This is the generation of techno-savvy people. We like making day-to-day activities easier and safer with the help of technology. From mobile phones to safety gadgets, we use technology to solve problems in the smartest and most efficient ways.

When it comes to furniture in our houses, our biggest worry is viruses infecting our family through contact. However, the experts at the research and development department of CenturyPly have come up with an innovative and efficient solution to this problem.

CenturyPly is here with its one-of-a-kind ViroKill technology. ViroKill is an all-in-one solution for problems like microbes, viruses, bacteria, and fungi. What is more? It even protects your furniture from borers and termites!

Here is how ViroKill will help you maintain maximum hygiene and protect your family from infections.

What is ViroKill?

The name ViroKill says it all. CenturyPly plywood and laminate for furniture is equipped with a mechanism that uses nanoparticle-based technology. These nanoparticles are antibacterial, antimicrobial, antifungal and antiviral by nature.

Hence, the activated nanoparticles provide the ultimate protection from these microorganisms and kill 99.99% of the viruses on contact with the surface.

Why Should you Install Laminates and Plywood Equipped with ViroKill Technology?

ViroKill is one of the most innovative and revolutionary solutions in the field of plywood and laminates. Here is why you should have your furniture made of plywood made with ViroKill technology as well:

Ultimate Hygiene and Protection:

Disinfection is something the whole world has become a lot more cautious about. With ViroKill-induced products, your furniture surfaces will become even safer. This technology does not allow any viruses to settle on the surface, hence excluding the transfer of infections through human contact.

Temperature and Weatherproof:

The ViroKill technology works with the same efficiency in all conditions. Exposure to harsh sun rays, extreme humidity and moisture in the air or unstable temperature conditions do not affect the furniture with ViroKill. It also keeps the furniture from bending or warping under unstable climatic conditions.

No Contamination through Contact:

Since silver nanotechnology kills the viruses immediately on contact, these surfaces are 99.99% virus free. Now, you do not need to worry about your kids running their hands all over the place and falling ill. ViroKill protects people of all age groups from all infections.

Thoroughly Tested and Certified by Experts:

The products equipped with ViroKill technology were thoroughly tested at Biotech Testing Services, Mumbai. The results confirmed the product’s quality and ability to kill 99.99% of viruses. These were the tests that were conducted:

However, it must be considered that even though the technology kills microorganisms on contact, it does not kill any air-borne viruses.

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Keeps Furniture Termite and Borer Free:

The biggest issue with furniture made of wood is usually the fear of termites or borers eating away at it. Usually, when we notice it, it is too late since the furniture is already infected and may need replacement.

However, you need not worry about that with ViroKill-protected plywood furniture. Apart from keeping your furniture safe from viruses and fungi, ViroKill also protects it from pests like termites and borers. Hence, it ensures the protection of your furniture from the inside as well as outside.

What are the Products That are Protected by ViroKill?

Our ViroKill-protected range of products includes:


CenturyPly has been a trusted brand by customers for years. We believe in bringing only the best out. Hence, with the help of our experts, we came up with ViroKill to help protect your family and loved ones from viruses. Especially in times like these, where contamination is feared more than anything. So, if you are planning to install some new furniture, make sure to check out our ViroKill-protected plywood and laminates! They keep you safe and let the furniture last even longer.

To know more about this range of products, make sure to check out CenturyEshop. Also, to get professional and personalized help from our experts for your dream furniture setup, do visit your nearest CenturyPly dealer.

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