7 Ways to Drink Coffee That Will Improve Your Day

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Date: 24 Oct, 2022

Author: siliasultana

Straight, decaffeinated, machine, with milk, with ice, without sugar… You know what we’re talking about, right? Exactly, coffee! And it is that how could it be, otherwise, this drink so loved by so many every morning deserved to have its own day.

There are a thousand and one different ways to take it, and surely you have your own to which you are faithful, but if you want to start the day well and have all the energy in the world to work, here are 7 things you can do while taking your first coffee of the day. Let us begin!

7 Tips to Start the Day on the Right Foot with a Cup of Coffee:

Have Breakfast Seated and Unhurried:

The rush is not good, they always say. So if you have time to spare in the morning, prepare your coffee and a good breakfast, and sit down to enjoy it calmly. You will see that it will suit you wonderfully and you will have plenty of energy to face the early hours of the morning. We warn you, if you try it, you will like it and you will end up getting used to it.

Read the News:

While you drink your Specialty Coffee, you can find out what has happened in the world, be it through TV, the newspaper, social networks or the radio. In this way, you will be up to date and you will be able to discuss some of the news with your colleagues at work.

Catch up with your Peers:

If you haven’t had time to eat breakfast at home, you can do it at work with some of your colleagues. Not only will you enjoy one of your favorite drinks, but you’ll also have time to comment on the football game from the night before, the latest episode of your favorite series, or the last gala of Operación Triunfo with them. What better way to start than by catching up with your friends!

Stick with your Book:

If you were very late at night and you wanted to read another chapter of the book you are reading, the next morning with a coffee in hand is the best time! It is time that you dedicate to yourself, to relax, so enjoy them and get ready for the day. But be careful, don’t get lost! You know what happens, you say one more chapter and you end up devouring the entire book.

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Drink a Glass of Water Before:

If you want to enjoy it more each morning, here is a trick that, from now on, you will surely follow every time: drink a glass of water before enjoying your coffee. What is it for? In this way, you will cleanse your palate and thus better appreciate its taste, aroma and flavor. A trick suitable only for true coffee lovers!

Better Coffee on a Full Stomach:

It may be that just woken up you don’t feel like eating anything, you just want coffee. But taking it on an empty stomach isn’t the best idea: It can affect your digestive system, speeding up acid production, which can damage the stomach lining and cause indigestion or heartburn. Better eat something, like toast. Doctor’s advice!

Try a new Recipe:

We know that you are faithful to your way of drinking coffee, but do you feel like trying a new recipe? It may become your favorite. Here goes: if you like coffee, but also tea, mix them up! It’s called yuan yang, popular in Hong Kong and very common at lunch. Its preparation is very simple, it mixes coffee and dai pai dong tea, which is black tea with evaporated milk. You will tell us what you think! Learn more about Premium teas.

To celebrate International Coffee Day, why don’t we do it with a good cup of coffee? Follow any of these tips and you will see every morning how this wonderful drink will taste better and change your day for the better.

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