What is An Image Text Converter Technology?

Image to text Converter

Date: 03 Nov, 2022

Author: technight44

ITC stands for image text converter is an online tool which comes up with the OCR (optical character recognition) technology used to convert images into complete written form. It is neither time taking nor paid. Just a few clicks can convert your image into text. 

Whether you are a student or a researcher, these OCR tools will help you a lot. This tool carefully converts the images into text without doing any changes in the layout or dropping any information.

The point is how to convert the images into text so let’s go into the depth of the article to understand better. With the use of image text converter, users can easily recognize all text from image or document.

How To Convert Image into Text:

  1. Select an image which is downloaded or scanned.
  2. Open your text converter tool.
  3. Paste it on the tool.
  4. Click the submit button.
  5. The result is in front of your eyes.

Must-Have Features of the Text Converter:

These are some features written below that will help you when choosing the right tool.

Extracting Texts from Low-Quality Images:

Sometimes it happens that while taking pictures you get distracted. That’s why the image got blurred whether it’s an important image or the notes of any student.

Don’t worry this OCR tool will extract the text from such types of images also by ensuring that the text is missing.


We know that some of the image text converter tools (ITC) are paid but why pay if the unpaid tools are here?

Whether these are scanned books, images or photos the ITC tool will convert them into texts in a very authentic manner without misplacing any content.


Our priority is to keep your data safe. That’s why we built such a type of tool that neither leaks out your personal information nor saves it in the database.

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Numerous Language Supporter:

Don’t worry about the languages as this tool supports selected 30 languages to convert your images into editable text form.

Withdraw Text From URL:

 Sometimes URLs are also very helpful for converting them into written form. What you have to do is place the URL in the URL box and extract the text from it.

Easy To Download:

After obtaining the text from the image you can not only copy it there is also a download button from which you can download it except copying it. This feature saves time and takes up less space in your database.

Store As a Word File:

After obtaining the text, there is another option which is to save it as a word file. This option is very useful for people who use Microsoft Word.

Why Is Image Text Converter Crucial?

There are so many reasons to use this OCR tool but these three are the most common ones which we use in our daily life.

Save Important Documents:

OCR is such a type of technology through which every type of document can be converted into digital or soft form. With the help of this tool whether you are a student or a researcher, you can easily convert your digital documents into complete editable forms without missing anything. Once the data is digitized it becomes easier to save it.

Consumes Less Time:

Why effort if the OCR technology-based Image Text Converter is here? It will take a few minutes to convert the images or documents into complete editable text. We all know that there are a lot of papers in the office which are not easy to handle but with the help of this tool, documents can easily be converted into digital or text.

100% Right Results:

Manual work can cause errors which are sometimes not easy to find. With the help of the Image Text Converter tool, you can easily convert your data into text form. What you have to do is scan the whole data and paste it into the OCR tool. After some minutes you will find the data into editable text form with zero errors in it.

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