Why You are Not Gaining Instagram Followers in Nigeria

How to increase Instagram Followers

Date: 03 Oct, 2022

Author: Nigerianstar

Instagram has grown significantly and continues to grow each day.

There was a time when you could make use of certain techniques to increase your followers in several days to a couple of months. The days of automated commenting and Instagram pods, as well as buying Instagram followers from many sites like famesavvy.com and becoming famous like that are not completely gone.

Here are a few reasons why you’re not getting fans on Instagram and solutions for every issue.

You’re Not Engaged Enough:

As a Social Media Manager, you are more focused on the content strategy, instead of engagement. You create your content and plan them, but do not really set aside time to engage. It’s important to respond to any comments you receive since if you don’t do so, your users won’t feel appreciated and won’t continue to do it. This could negatively impact your engagement. It’s not over when you’ve shared the material. It is important to not just follow the posts on the social media accounts that you are following, but also make genuine comments. Schedule 10-15 minutes per day to engage. Follow, like, and comment on more accounts with hashtags/ areas of interest and respond to every comment you receive.

There isn’t a Plan for Stories:

Instagram stories launched in August of 2016 and are now over 400 million users who are using these stories every day! And it’s only increasing. If you’re not sharing stories or are on unscheduled posting times If you’re not posting regularly, you’re losing out on a lot of attention and engagement. Stories are the simplest and most effective way to get noticed.

You’re Inconsistent:

Regularly posting is essential to get your message out to a wider number of people, increase confidence and trust in your brand. It shows you’re serious about your platform and providing benefits to your followers. If you don’t update regularly, your followers won’t be your brand’s ambassadors and they won’t trust your brand enough, and you could even lose them.

What should you do? What to do – Spend time creating an effective content strategy, design plans, schedule and plan your content, and make sure that you do not miss posting due to any reason.

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Your Profile isn’t Updated:

As time passes, you develop and evolve. Your profile must alter to reflect that change. When someone visits your profile, the first that they see is your profile photo along with your bio and username. A lot of times, these elements are not noticed and do not get regularly updated. This is one way to lose followers. What can you do? What to do – It’s easy Create an appointment once a quarter to look over and optimize your profile. If you’re a brand, come up with some innovative ideas for your bio. The most important thing is to keep your bio current.

There’s no Instagram Endpoint:

If you’re using Instagram solely for the fun of it, and don’t have a specific goal, you’ll not have an exact plan of what to post. It’s possible that you’ll end up publishing a variety of different types of posts. The first-time users will be confused.

People are drawn to uniformity and tend to adhere to accounts belonging to a specific area. If you aren’t in one of the groups, getting followers can be quite a challenge.

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What do you need to do? What to do -Define your purpose and design an action plan based on your objective. Your goals can range from teaching your followers to encouraging them to share their experiences (User-generated content) and many more. Choose one or two objectives and work towards them.

Other Reasons Why You’re Not Getting More Followers:

Final Thoughts:

Building genuine followers via Instagram isn’t as easy nowadays. There are plenty of accounts that follow you but then unfollow you later, and there are a lot of bots who post comments just to draw attention. With all the competition you have, you have to be sure you’re consistent and distinguish yourself and you’re authentic. Have any suggestions you’d like to share? Questions to ask? Post them in the comments section.

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